Hackers Discover Way to Download Netflix Movies

So you like that you can watch movies instantly with your Netflix subscription but would like to take the movies with you when you don’t have net access, well up until now that was difficult but I’m here to tell you that it still is, but at least it is actually possible.

The hack involves using Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player 11, Notepad, and FairUse4WM. What you actually do is find the URL of the video file, downloading it, acquiring the license key and then stripping the DRM. The hack isn’t exactly quick and easy, it will probably take you just as long to download the movie and strip the DRM as it will for you to just watch the movie, but let’s face it, its the principle of the thing.

Also remember that this won’t let you download any more then your current plan allows you to watch on a month to month basis. But, as this hack evolves, automated solutions should become available allowing you to just run a program and leave your computer to do the rest. This means it will make it much more convenient for you to watch the movie when and where you want to.

If you want to try out the hack or are just curious what you have to do to get it done you can read full instructions at Rorta Forums.

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3rd Pary Apps on the iPhone

At WWDC earlier this summer, Apple told developers that there wouldn’t be any SDK for the iPhone and no support for 3rd party apps. Since the iPhone was released hackers have been banging their heads on it trying to get 3rd party apps installed on it, they didn’t want to code Web apps for the phone they want true third party apps. So they have had a bit of a breakthrough a few days ago.

The first 3rd party native iPhone app has been released and is available now over at Google Code. The application is a terminal emulator for the iPhone.

“MobileTerminal.app is NOT an SSH client, nor Telnet for that matter. It can however be used to execute a console ssh-client application.”

This is the alpha release of MobileTerminal for the iPhone. It is a fully functional app which wraps your shell on your iPhone(requires the arm binaries for the phone to be installed). It can ssh to your computer back home and all kinds of other cool stuff you can do with Unix, and launches right from your desktop.”

Links to a couple other 3rd party apps after the jump

3 Great iPhone Hacks

iPhone as a web server:
Apache, python and other open source apps have been built to run on the iPhone. Imagine a web server in your pocket. I’m not sure exactly what the uses for running your iPhone as a web server would be but it is pretty cool that you can do it.

Untethered EDGE Data on your laptop through iPhone:
The directions are complicated and I’m not sure if I would suggest doing it until the hack becomes a bit more mature but being able to use your iPhone as a Wifi hotspot for your laptop is amazing.

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iPhone Security Flaw Found

A security flaw has been found in the iPhone’s Safari browser allowing a hacker to execute remote code on the iPhone. The website that the hack appeared on lists 3 ways that this could be implemented. one of the ways they mention is having control of a Wifi access point: If a hacker had control of the access point then they could set the router to force any browser to have a specific web page. The hacker could point it to a malicious site and the code would be executed. Another is sending a text message with a link in it, when the browser visits that page the code would be executed on the phone.

These hacks don’t surprise me at all, the iPhone will most likely become a target because of the pure computing power of the device and that there are so many of them out there.

The exploit will be demonstrated at the BlackHat conference in Las Vegas on August 2nd.

Here is a video of the exploit at work:

Exploiting the iPhone

Linux Presentation Hack

“This guy has hooked up the Thinkpad’s inbuilt sensor to a presentation software, so smacking the right of his monitor moves the presentation forward, and smacking the left moves backward. Useless but cool.” – elhoncho (digg)

This is cool but just like coverflow in iTunes it isn’t useful at all but is great to show off.

Zune DRM has been Cracked

The digital rights management that is used by all of the music in the Zune market place has been cracked. A new version of the cracking software FairUse4WM is floating around that claims to be able to remove the DRM from the music files.

“This post introduces a new tool for uncovering the individual keys from Microsoft’s DRM blackbox components (“IBX”), up to version 11.0.6000.6324. Lacking the source code to the extant programs, I can only offer this output of my own efforts.

To actualize fair use rights with the new IBX, first run ‘mirakagi’ which will enter the IBX keys into the FairUse4WM blackbox-keys.txt text file.
Next, you should use the attached version of FairUse4WM, 1.3Fix-2. This includes an important fix for a video corruption bug, often seen in scenes affording high compression.

If problems occur, please provide the program text. IBX versions after 11.0.6000.6324 are not currently supported.

This version should be capable of interfacing with both Windows Vista and Zune software versions.”

The hackers versus the DRM makers will go on forever as a cat and mouse game until one of the two groups gives up and all I’m going to say is I highly doubt that the hackers are going to be that group.

Doom9 Forum

iPhone Not So Secure

DVD Jon has devised a way to “activate” the iPhone without AT&T being involved. This would be done to use the iPhone as just an iPod and internet tablet. Best of all you won’t have to sign your life away to AT&T (I happily did to be able to use my iPhone but it is up to you).

iPhone Independence Day

The Register points to Errata Security saying that using a buffer overflow on the iPhone’s Safari browser “an attacker can take control of the browser and run code on the device, said Robert Graham, CEO of Errata.”

This attack could allow someone with a bit of skills to force the iPhone to call 900 numbers if the browser visited a malicious website.

Hackers have already found two passwords one of which could allow an application root access to the device.

iPhone hackers disclose vulns and hunt for clues

These vulnerabilities on the software don’t exactly make me feel good about the iPhone that I use however I don’t think that it will be too widely implemented, at least not for a while. There are a lot of iPhones in the wild but not enough to really be able to make money through these vulnerabilities, and I would assume that Apple will fix these holes in the first firmware update. The firmware update from what I can piece together may be as soon as next week.

AppleTV Booting OS X From an External Hard Drive

Mark of markandjo.com/markblog demonstrates how to boot OS X from an external hard drive without ever opening up the AppleTV. This is exactly what Leo Laporte said (if you listen to his podcasts you will remember him talking about this, twit.tv) All of the AppleTV hacks will move to going onto an external hard drive so that you can boot from that drive and have all your hacks or you can boot from the internal drive to have the AppleTV.

Here is the video and if you want more info on the hack you can check that out here at 0xfeedbeef.com.

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