AMD ATI Radeon 4850 and 4870 Details Show Up Online

AMD has seen some great developments in the way of releasing the 4800 series of graphics cards and therefore will be moving up the launch of these graphics cards.

Manufacturing improvements will give these GPUs higher clock speeds, the mid-range will jump from a 670MHz core seen in the 3850 to more than 800MHz in the 4850, while the 4870 should be the first mainstream graphics chipset ever to top 1GHz.

Not only will the 4800 series have higher clock speeds, the chips will also be more efficient at the same clock speed as previous GPUs. With an increase to 32 texture management units both of the initial 4800 models will be able to handle more simultaneous pixel and geometry effects at once. Memory on these new cards will run between 1.8GHz and 2.2GHz thanks to newer GDDR5 memory.

AMD has already confirmed that it will be announcing new graphics chips in May and is also rumored to be releasing the new cards at the same time. The launch may also reveal new Mobility Radeon HD chipsets with similar improvements. Pricing has not been talked about yet but the 4850 and 4870 are both rumored to be coming with 512MB of memory and should price in at around $179 to $219. Other cards may come with as little as 256MB of memory or as much as 1GB.

Although AMD is bumbling around a little bit on the CPU side, they may be fairly future proof because of their capability to produce both CPUs and GPUs that run darn well, while Nvidia is only capable of producing GPUs and Intel is really only good at making CPUs and not very good with the GPU side of things.


Nvidia Geforce 8800GT For Older Mac Pros

Apple released a new graphics upgrade kit today for older Mac Pros. The $279 Nvidia Geforce 8800GT offers a video upgrade path for previous generation Mac Pro owners.

When Apple released the early 2008 Mac Pro they offered the 8800GT as an upgrade option but because of firmware issues that 8800GT was not compatible with previous generation Mac Pros, but this upgrade card allows you to have 8800GT graphics in those older Mac Pros.

“For advanced graphics performance, choose the latest-generation NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT with 512MB of GDDR3 video memory. With a unified shader core and massive memory bandwidth, the NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT brings advanced performance to graphics-intensive applications like motion graphics, 3D modeling, rendering, and animation. It features a PCI Express interface for a high-bandwidth connection to the Mac Pro and two dual-link DVI ports for connecting up to two 30-inch Apple Cinema HD Displays.


  • Requires Mac Pro (bus speed 1.33GHz) with PCI-Express
  • Includes a DVI to VGA connector for easy connection to VGA-based displays

Note to owners of Mac Pro (early 2008): Please select the NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT (early 2008) Graphics Upgrade Kit for Mac Pro.”

Nvidia Geforce 8800GT (1st Generation) Graphics Upgrade Kit for Mac Pro

Nvidia Releases Geforce 9800GX2

A few days ago Nvidia released the fastest graphics card, ever. The card costs about $600 and is basically two 8800’s on a single PCIe slot SLI.

The 9800GX2 simply outperforms every other graphics card in the world. The card has 256 processor cores, 1GB of total memory, 600MHz core clock, and uses a whopping 197W of power.

The only problem with this card is that (like I said earlier) it is basically just two 8800’s, but it would be $200 cheaper to purchase two 8800GT 512MB cards that willperform at about the same speed together in SLI as the 9800GX2 will.

If you would like to purchase the 9800GX2 you can grab one here.

Nvidia to Acquire Ageia

Ageia, the not-so-successful company that makes physics processors for PCs will be acquired by Nvidia. The announcement came on monday, along with this press release.

AMD was considering purchasing Ageia last November but since they were still dealing with the ATI acquisition the decided that it wasn’t the time to do so.

Both Nvidia and ATI have looked into doing physics processing on the GPU but it never really got anywhere. This acquisition of Ageia however could bring in a new wave of graphics cards with GPUs and physics processing units on a single PCB.

I’m not really sure when we will see this acquisition really start to change things in the industry. Currently there are very few computers with physics processors and I’m not really sure if game developers are really clamoring for people to purchase such products.

Nvidia could be doing this to push the industry forward and if, at some time in the future many more computers supported dedicated physics processing we would see developers start to really use them, but for now I think everyone will do just fine with a mid-range to high end graphics card and a good CPU, a physics processor would be nice, but until you can use it, I think you’d just be better off spending the extra money on other components.

AMD/ATI Launches Some New GPUs

The Radeon HD 3400 series includes the HD 3450 and the HD 3470, they both have a core clock of 800MHz and have 40 stream processors.

The HD 3450 will have 256MB of DDR2 500MHz memory and the HD 3470 will have 256MB of GDDR3 950MHz memory both of them with 64-bit memory interfaces. The HD Radeon 3400 series will be priced between $49 and $65.

The new mainstream graphics card is the Radeon HD 3650 with 120 stream processors. The HD 3650 will have two variations, the first with 256MB of GDDR3 800MHz memory and the second will feature 3 tiers of 500MHz DDR2 memory at 256MB, 512MB, and 1GB all of which will have a 128-bit memory interface. All of the HD 3650 cards will be clocked at 725MHz and will not support hybrid corssfire. The HD 3650 will be priced between $79 and $99.

AMD/ATI also announced immediate availability of the new high end Radeon HD 3870 X2 graphics card. This is the first graphics processor to break the Teraflop processing barrier. The HD 3870 X2 combines two Radeon HD 3870s on a single graphics board connected through integrated CrossFire technology. The new graphics card will be priced at $449, which is a fairly good deal considering the recent high end cards being priced at nearly $700 from Nvidia.

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Details Leaked on Nvidia 9000 Series Graphics Cards

Last week there was some wonderful leaks about Nvidia’s upcoming 9000 series graphics cards.

The first one I want to talk about is the Geforce 9600GT. The info leaked shows that the first shipments of the 9600GT will have a 650MHz core clock and a 1625MHz unified shader clock. The 9600GT will feature a 256-bit memory bus interface with a memory clock of 900MHz. The processor on this graphics card will be made using 65nm manufacturing and will require a 6-pin supplementary power connector and a 400W power supply.

The next graphics card I want to talk about it Nvidia’s soon to be announced behemoth of a graphics card, the Geforce 9800GX2. This graphics card isn’t really using a new processor, but instead uses the 8800 GPU that has been shrunk to 65nm and SLI’d on a single PCIe slot (although the card does use up two slots). The card will have 1GB of memory, 256 stream processors.

Looks like Nvidia is going to hit another one out of the park with these graphics cards.


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AMD Officially Announces ATI Radeon 3800 Series

I’ve talked about the 3800 series before but it is now officially out. AMD is launching the product with 10 partners for a total of 24 different available cards.

I mentioned earlier (here) that ATI has two different 3800 cards ready, the HD3850 and the HD3870. The cards will be available immediately and the 3850 should be priced around $179 while the 3870 will be about $219.

According to AMD, these are the world’s first graphics cards to support DirectX 10.1. The GPUs are made using 55nm process technology and have tri and quad multi-GPU support with ATI CrossFireX. 3850 has 256MB of GDDR3 memory while the 3870 sports 512MB of GDDR4.

The cards look pretty good and are priced pretty nicely, but, you’ll have to wait to see how the card does in the benchmark department.

ATI RAdeon HD 3800 Series

ATI Radeon HD 3800 Presentation Leaked

MadBoxPC got their hands on what seems to be a marketing presentation for the ATI Radeon HD3800.

The presentation confirms information that has only been rumored until now. The price is set at $150 for the 3850 and $250 for 3870.

Both of the graphics cards are DirectX 10.1 compatible, DirectX 10.1 will be shipping with Service Pack 1 of Windows Vista.

With the release of these two cards the 2900XT will be discontinued. CrossfireX is mentioned in the presentation and Quad Crossfire will be the first DirectX 10.1 QuadGPU setup.

I am pretty confused as to why the 3800 cards aren’t really being talked about that much on the sites that I follow, usually when new graphics cards are coming there are rumors and so on going on all over the internet.

Check out the rest of the slides of the presentation here.

ATI Radeon HD3850 and HD3870 Cards Are Quiet As a Mouse

The Radeon HD3850 will be coming to market soon and will feature a single-slot cooling setup that only outputs 31 dBA.

The cooler on this card is much quieter than the 8600GTS and 8800GT video cards from Nvidia.

ATI will also be debuting the HD3870 which will have a dual-slot cooling setup that outputs 34dBA.

These two cards output significantly less noise than the 2900XT and the 8800GT. Just for comparison the 8800GT ouputs about 43dBA.

I’m excited for these upcoming graphics cards, it’s nice to know that ATI is actually competing with Nvidia. Everyone likes a quiet computer and hopefully this will help push computers quieter and quieter.

If you’d like to see some pictures of the upcoming cards you can find them here and here.

Pics and Benchmarks of the Upcoming Nvidia Geforce 8800GT Leaked

So the Geforce 880GT is getting closer and closer to launch and that means that leaked pictures and benchmarks are starting to show up on the internet. The performance is looking pretty good on the card which will likely be a really great buy for those who like themselves some pretty PC gaming but don’t really want to spend a fortune.

I currently am using a 7800GT and I think that this card would be a likely upgrade for me. Especially since I’m planning on grabbing myself a copy of Crysis.

By the way, the Foxconn card is running a 600MHz core clock and 1800MHz for the 512MB of memory.

MSI Geforce 8800GT Picture
Foxconn Geforce 8800GT Picture
Geforce 8800GT Benchmarks