Regarding Google and the 700Mhz Spectrum

So Google has thrown $4.6 Billion at the 700Mhz spectrum and a lot of people have come up with some theories about what Google is going to do with it. I have read that a lot of people think that Google is going to purchase the spectrum and build a data network throughout the US. I’ll tell you why that isn’t true.

Google isn’t in the telecom business and they are not an ISP. I don’t think that Google wants to deal with that. Google is an advertisement company and all too often people forget that. So Google is throwing money at this to convince the FCC to force whoever gains control of that spectrum to leave it open. It goes back to that whole net neutrality issue, Google is against tiered internet and doesn’t want it to happen, so they are doing all they can to keep things moving free on the internet. Already cellular networks are heavily regulated by their providers and Google doesn’t want this to happen again on the 700Mhz spectrum.

I think that even if Google bids on it it will just be a tactic to convince others bidding to make it how they want it.

Remember that buying this spectrum doesn’t automatically mean that you can use it, there are not only towers that you have to build to be able to use it but you also have to convince consumers that they should buy the devices that would work on this network, that means this spectrum would not make a profit for Google for 5-10 years, of course Google has the money to make it that long but I don’t think that it is a business that they want to get into.

Of course I want Google to buy the spectrum and create a cheap data network using it but it just isn’t going to happen, like I said earlier Google is an internet company not a telecom.

Google Creates Built for iPhone Search Page

Google has created a search page that is built for the iPhone. It doesn’t reload when doing searches so it works fast in the browser and is made so that you don’t have to zoom in on text to read it. The search page has options for the web, news, and images. Clicking on links within the page opens up a new window in the Safari browser.

What is horrible about it is that when you click on “More Results” at the bottom it opens up a normal search page.

I still think it is great though because most of the time I can get what I want in the first page of my search results.

iPhone Google Search

Google to Buy FeedBurner

TechCrunch is reporting that Google will be acquiring FeedBurner for $100 Million. Most of the money will be payed upfront.

Big deal for FeedBurner which has become many peoples favorite RSS based online service. I personally think that FeedBurner is one of those services that I don’t really know how I could do without. They just have so many interesting features but just the simple ability for you to have a little bit of separation from your actual feed, that allows you to switch what feed FeedBurner looks at if anything goes wrong.

Check out TechCrunch to read there report on it.

Google Adding Presentation App to Docs & Spreadsheets

Google will soon be releasing a presentation application in its Docs & Spreadsheets lineup. This is big news and will be rounding out the office applications for Google. When this hits it will really start to challenge Microsoft Office. Yes, I know that there are many other alternatives, OpenOffice, NeoOffice, etc. but Google is a really big name and may be able to market this correctly, maybe a link at the bottom of the Google Search page, potentially taking a lot of business away from Microsoft.

Many people say that Google Docs & Spreadsheets will never challenge Microsoft Office, for most people who just need some standard word processing and spreadsheets along with some simple occasional presentations for school, it is more than enough.

Read/Write Web
[via TechCrunch]

Online TV Pushing the Web to the Breaking Point

A Google exec said recently that soon we will be pushing the web to the breaking point, with demands for online video and websites like MySpace and Bebo we may see the Internet slow down in 2007. Read the article here.
I’m not sure if the Internet will break because I think there is enough bandwidth for all of us no matter what others say. Isn’t that the whole point of a switch over a hub anyways? to keep from getting collisions in a network. It seems to be a little silly that the Internet will break because we will be using “too much bandwidth.”

The makers of Joost also disagree with the statement saying that peer to peer technologies have taken great strides in making things much more scalable.

Google has no Gmail in Europe

Google has lost a long battle with a German business man over the name Gmail. The Google name Gmail was to close to the name G-mail for courts in Europe.

“G-mail is an outfit that provides a “” email address, but also allows a “hybrid mail” system in which documents can be sent electronically, printed out by the company, and delivered in paper format to local addresses.”

[via theINQ]

US Cost Guard Searching For Microsoft Researcher

A Microsoft Researcher, Jim Gray. has been missing at sea for the past couple days. His daughter said on Fox News that he had left to scatter his mothers ashes at sea then called his family from his cell phone to let them know that he would be getting out of cell phone range and hasn’t been heard from since. Searches has scoured over 40,000 square feet over sea looking for him and private searches are being conducted by Google and Microsoft.

Well produced GoogleTV Hoax

This is a really well produced hoax by “infinite solutions.” It is funny to read the comments on the Youtube page because some people actually believe it. But, I must admit, when I watched the second video I thought “wow, maybe it is real” (mostly because I want it to be real).

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