Playstation 3 Home Trailer Looks Amazing

This does look amazing but I am afraid that this could just be a second life clone with better graphics.
it is no doubt a closed system not like Second Life because there will be no user generated items from what I know so far, but it does sound promising and I have to say even though right now the PS3 doesn’t have much I think in about 3 months or so it might be a reasonable contender against the XBox 360.

Playstation 3 Home Beta sign up page, Sony has a site up where you will be able to sign up for the Home closed beta. The sign up isn’t available yet but the page is so keep your cursor over that refresh button and click away.

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Wii Loads Game Backups with no modchip

This looks like a pretty reliable video. But for every one of these types of videos you gotta wonder if they just have a Wii sitting underneath the table. But this seems to be for real.

“A modified Nintendo Wii boots a backup of Red Steel. There is no modchip in the Wii, there is a parallel port cable soldered to the drive board. The cable costs under 3 dollars to make.”

Ms. Pac-Man Released for iPod

Ms. Pac-Man was released today for the iPod adding to the list of games for the iPod making it a 12 games. I’m not really sure why they put this one out because it is extremely similar to regular Pacman but Ms. Pac-Man has a bow on her head, unless this was their way of building up the number of games available for the iPod.

Well anyway the game is now available in the iTunes music store for $4.99 so you can go ahead and pick it up here.

The End of GameCube Production

Nintendo has confirmed that they have stopped producing that little cube of a console. Nintendo did say that they still have enough consoles for them to be bought for a bit longer because of surpluses but after that they are all gone. This is obviously so that Nintendo can focusing on getting more Wii’s into stores because it is still nearly impossible to buy one. This way all of the factories that were making GameCubes can now make Wii’s. Smart on the part of Nintendo because when you produce less things it becomes cheaper per item to manufacture. This may mean that in the not to distant future we could see a price reduction on the Wii.

Nvidia Geforce 8800GTS 320MB for $299

The now cheapest DirectX10 graphics card available. At 500MHz core and 1600MHz memory the card is quite fast for the price. The card was released today and is available at many of the online computer stores.

DirectX10 is now available for most now because of the price. This is going to put a bunch of pressure on ATI in the DX10 space. ATI needs to act fast or Nvidia may be too ahead of ATI.

The card is available at these stores right now:


Doom Running on TI-83+ Calculator

If you were in high school in the past few years or know someone who has been you know that almost of the kids now-a-days use those fancy TI-83+ calculators for math class. You also know that the calculator can run programs like probability simulators and even games. Well now you can play Doom. It just goes to show you that when you sit a bunch of kids in a room for 40+minutes a day with calculators they will come up with something cool to do with them.

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Weekly Picks

This week I there was only one thing I actually wanted. It all started when I installed Vista, then I wanted a little more graphics horsepower. Not that I didn’t have enough, I am running a Geforce 7800GT but I wanted to upgrade to DX10 for the upcoming games and the extra horsepower for Aero Glass wouldn’t hurt.

EVGA Geforce 8800GTS 640MB

(image courtesy of

at 500MHz core and 1600MHz memory this thing is fast and doesn’t carry quite as high a price tag as its big brother the 8800GTX. It even has HDCP built in so when we all end up with Blu-ray or HD-DVD drives in our computers I’ll be able to watch the videos with no problem.

Want to Lose Weight with your Wii?

Want to lose weight with your Wii but wish the controller was a little bit heavier well look no further because I can tell you exactly what you need, Wii Weights. A blogger decided to come up with a prototype. The Wii is no doubt fun but it also is a great way to get moving around, you may break something if your not careful however if we end up able to buy these weights it will also be a great way to shed a few pounds.

ATI R600 12.4″ and 9.5″ Long!

This has got to be one of the biggest graphics cards I’ve ever seen, Its huge. The R600 sizing up at 12.4″ is the OEM version, the retail version is 9.5″ long. Why the difference? I don’t really know, it seems odd that the card will have two versions that are so different in size yet seem to be the same except for a difference in power consumption.


Check out the story as told by X-Bit Labs

3D Acceleration in Virtualization, VMWare, Amazing

I can’t believe this, it seems like the 3D acceleration is as fast as boot camp. Thats great, now we can play some games on an Apple computer without rebooting into Windows with Bootcamp. VMWare you really out did yourselves.

Details about Geforce 8k series

There is some new info about the Geforce 8k series with the brand new DirectX10. Nvidia is going to be releasing 4 new cards around March time. Heres the details:

8300GS 500MHz Core 1000MHz Memory 256MB RAM
8300GT 500MHz Core 1200MHz Memory 256MB RAM
8600GT 350MHz Core 1200MHz Memory 256MB RAM
8600Ultra 500MHz Core 1400MHz Memory 512MB RAM

8300GS $79
8300GT $99
8600GT $150
8600Ultra $180

The 8600 will be built with 80nm process and have 300 million transistors. I can’t wait and might pick up a 8600GT because I’d like the nice DX10 graphics with my new Windows Vista OS box.

[via Guru3D]