Geforce 8800GTS with 320MB memory $300 in Feb

Nvidia is rumored to be releasing a new Geforce 8800GTS card with 320MB of memory for $300 or less. The card is supposed to have similar clocks to the regular 8800GTS just with less memory.

Nvidia is planning to have all of their first generation DirectX10 graphics cards out in the next few months.

I’m excited about how Vista will go and I am planning on upgrading my old gaming machine to DirectX10 soon so I might be purchasing my own 8800GTS.

ASUS External Graphics

Asus unveiled a new module called the XG Station that will allow you to connect most PCIx16 graphics cards to a notebook computer with the computers ExpressCard slot. Asus is saying you will get a 3x increase in performance within games over the latest Intel integrated graphics.
Pricing has not been announced yet but it should be available in the first quarter of 2007 initialing shipping with an Asus 7900GS and some accessories.

Isn’t this a little dumb to anyone else. why does everyone have to have all of their high taxing games with them at all times. Can’t they just buy a shuttle PC and a small LCD Monitor and call it a day? I’m all for games but I don’t understand why people are buying them and never taking them anywhere. Why take your gaming with you if you have to lug this thing around with you. Can’t you do your gaming at home and when your out and about do work. Isn’t that what a notebook is for, to do work on the go.

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