SD to 2.5″ Solid State Disk, DIY Kit

Want to get your hands on one of those new fancy SSD but have a DIY side? well now you can buy yourself 2 or 4 SD cards and this SSD kit and you can have yourself your very own Solid State Disk. With a full capacity of 4 2GB SD cards you can have yourself 8GB of storage.

I have found though that if you can live without building the thing yourself with your own SD cards you can buy yourself a 16GB version for about the same price.

All iPods Flash in Next Gen

This would be a great thing, it would make your iPods last longer in battery life and the life of the device however this is of course a rumor. Apple Insider is saying that this would come with the next revamp of the iPod and may come as early as winter 2007. The new iPod may bring the iPod functionality in the iPhone out into a stand alone device. Check out the whole article by Apple Insider here.