Acer Aspire One Available in Germany and More Details Found

Acer’s Aspire One is now available in three versions, the A110L, A150L, and A150X.

The A110L has an Atom N270 CPU, Intel 946GSE chipset, 512-1024MB of RAM, 8GB NAND flash storage, 8.9″ 1024×600 display, 802.11b/g, and 3 USB ports.

The others are the same except for a 120GB hard drive instead of the flash storage and are offered with Linux or Windows XP.

German retailers already have the A110L in stock now and they are selling it for €329 (about $518).

The Eee PC 903 and 904 Have been “Unveiled”

Asus has been shoving a lot of new Eee branded products lately and here comes another couple. The Eee PC 903 and 904 are very similar to the 901 except the guts are in a 1000’s chassis. That it is a notebook with an 8.9″ display in a case that was built to hold a 10″ display. So, there will be a fairly large bezel around the display (like the original Eee PC).

It isn’t clear what the differences are between these models but presumably it will be different sized solid state drives and/or memory and/or processor speed. There isn’t any word on pricing but if I was to ballpark I would say around $600.

Eee PC 903
Eee PC 904

Voodoo Envy 133 Photographed in the Wild

I may be considered by many to be a bit of an Apple fanboy (I’m sorry about that, I try as hard as I can to find interesting news stories from both sides of the fence, but sometimes it’s a little hard). One of the reasons that I love Apple so much is that they are really good at designing great looking hardware, I haven’t seen very many PCs that look that good, this one however, the Voodoo Envy 133 is one that is beautiful.

It may be a little too orange for me but you can’t deny the fact that it is darn classy.

Photo Gallery
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Asus Eee 901 and 1000 Shipping on July 8 in US?

A reader of Liliputing called the Asus pre-sales department and asked when the Eee PC 901 was going to ship in the US and without hesitation the rep said that it would be shipping on July 8.

After hearing about this Liliputing called Asus themselves and asked the same question and made sure to also ask about the 100 and was told that both models would be shipping on July 8 in the US.

If this information is correct then we will be seeing them available a little later then I would have hoped (the 901 and 1000 have a July 1 UK ship date) but, not it’s not too bad.


Dell Studio Hybrid Pictures

It seems that Dell has been hard at work making some cool and interesting new PCs. First the Dell E and now the Studio Hybrid. This new PC has an orange plexiglas shell, an Intel chipset, 4GB of RAM, 320GB hard drive, Wifi, DVD+R drive, 5 USB ports, HDMI, S/PDIF, DVI, and a memory card reader.

There is no word yet on a hard release date or what the exact cost is going to be, but it is likely it will come later this year for between $500 and $700.

More pictures can be seen at Engadget.

Asus Eee PC 1000H Unbox

TweakTown managed to purchase one of the brand new Asus Eee PC 1000H subnotebooks and unboxed it.

The notebook has a 10″ display, an Intel Atom processor, and 802.11n. TweakTown will soon have a full review of the unit but for now here’s their unbox video:


Dell Inspiron Mini Now Called “Dell E”

What many have been calling the Dell Inspiron Mini has finally been revealed as the Dell E (not necessarily set in stone, but that is what they’re calling it). The new notebook line will come in two types, a 8.9″ model and a 12.1″ model called the “E Slim.”

The E Slim looks like it will compete more with the MacBook Air and the X300 while the 8.9″ model will be competing with the Eee 900. The device should be released sometime in August/September.

All of the notebooks will be running Linux or Windows XP (presumably chosen by the customer).

The Dell E will have a price starting at $299.

All of these small notebooks should be making Palm think twice about their choice to cease production of the Foleo (which I wanted really bad), but what makes me so frustrated in this whole situation is the fact that Engadget gave the Foleo such a terrible review and yet now they seem to be falling all over themselves over ever single new small notebook that gets announced.


More Details on Dell’s Upcoming Inspiron Mini

APC got their hands on the upcoming mini-notebook from Dell. Currently the notebook is being called the “Inspiron Mini.”

  • Ubuntu will probably be an option
  • Most likely being released in August
  • The wait is because they are trying to get the keyboard just right
  • No dedicated function keys
  • Three USB ports, VGA, and a memory card reader

The notebook looks really good, I love all of these new small form factor notebooks.  I personally consider these to be an amazing option for college students, they can take them to classes without adding too much weight to a bag, and since a lot of typing is going to be done on it, it doesn’t need to be too powerful.

Asus All-In-One Eee Monitor Debuts

Asus has finally unveiled their all-in-one addition to the Eee lineup. The new computer is named the Eee Monitor (terrible name by the way) it should come in sizes from 19 to 21 inches, have a built in TV tuner, and be priced around $500.

The PC should be shipping in September alongside Asus’s 42″ Eee TV.

I think that Asus may be going a little too far with that Eee TV, but I do think the Eee Monitor is a great idea. At $500 who wouldn’t get this all-in-one, the only problem I think the majority of the market would be frustrated by is the fact that it runs Linux (the vast majority of the public just isn’t ready for it yet), but of course, this is just me assuming that it won’t run Windows as well.

PC World

Asus Eee Box Details

The Asus Desktop Eee PC has been a long time coming (a few months at least!) and Asus has finally given some actual info on the computer.

The name of it is now the Asus Eee Box, the computer will be available worldwide in July with both Linux and Windows XP versions. The cheapest model will be priced at $330 and have a 80GB hard drive (250GB max) 802.11n Wifi, 4 USB ports, and a card reader.

There is no word yet on what processor the Eee Box will have but one would assume it will be packing an Atom CPU just like it’s notebook brother.


Dell Mini Inspiron, Dell’s First Ultraportable

Brian Lam of Gizmodo ran into Michael Dell at All Things D and saw a pretty interesting little laptop that Dell is developing.

The notebook is Dell’s first ultraportable and is developed with low cost and developing countries in mind. The notebook came from Dell’s IdeaStorm (where customers can go and give Dell ideas for products).

The notebook had three USB ports, a card reader, VGA out, and ethernet. There is no information as to pricing or what operating system it will be running but the thing looks like a very worthy competitor to HPs MiniNote 2133.

Dell Your Blog

Asus Ee PC 901 To Be Released on June 3rd For $650

Asus will be launching the Eee PC 901 on June 3rd for $650. We already saw some early pictures and a few specs on the 901 but now we have a date and we also have a price (or a round about price).

The 901 is also supposed to be sporting Bluetooth, which is a first for the Eee PC lineup. What’s interesting about this release is that the MSI Wind is going to be released on the same day as the 901 and the Wind is going to be $250 cheaper and have a larger display (10″), so I wonder how Asus is planning to fight off the Wind, unless of course the $650 price point is for a Windows XP version, or one with a larger solid state drive and a cheaper version of the 901 is also going to be released.