Apple and Cisco settle iPhone dispute

Apple and Cisco have finally settled the dispute over the iPhone name. The result will mean that both companies will be able to use the name and acknokledge that both have the right to use it ending any later disputes that could come about. “Cisco and Apple will explore opportunities for interoperability in the areas of security, and consumer and enterprise communications” (well put MacNN). The rest of the agreement will be confidential.

This is good news except that I really hate the name iPhone and think Apple should have made it go the way of the iTV and become the Apple Phone, it sounds a lot better anyways. But, of course this is good news because it seemed to me that this law suit could have cost Apple hundreds of millions of dollars if it hadn’t been finalized this way.

Cisco vs. Apple Update

Well we all know that Cisco has decided to sue Apple over the name iPhone. Well yesterday Cisco announced that they have decided to postpone the lawsuit over the name. The two companies have started up talks again for an agreement over the name. I don’t really know why Apple is even trying, they don’t need the name, the name isn’t even that good anyway. I’m guess that they will end up deciding to do an out of court settlement for the name.