Receipt hints at $150 off iPhone with 2Yr Agreement

A blog called 5THIRTYONE is claiming to have a receipt from a recent Cingular transaction for a new Blackberry Pearl that stated: “iPhone for Derek Punsalan 2 YR Agreement SAVINGS $150.00”

Now Derek stated in his post that he did not purchase an iPhone but does this mean that the iPhone purchasers will get $150 off the price with a 2 year agreement or is this some strange glitch.

The whole post
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Cingular Switching Name Back to AT&T

It’s been known for a little bit now that Cingular will be switching its name back to AT&T in the next couple of months but I haven’t said much about it yet if any. I think I’m going to let Stephen Colbert explain it for me because he seems to do such a good job at it.