The Power of Google Gears

Visit, I just did a guest post on that blog and I think all of you should check it out. The post is about The Power of Google Gears. is great place for online tips so while your there reading my post I suggest you also subscribe to the RSS feed and get yourself some great online tips.

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Back from Vacation

So as you all might have figured out I’m back from vacation now and I’ll be blogging like I normally do.

I want to tell you a bit about it though because it has a lot to do with technology. It was a 6 hour drive to Pittsburgh, PA from my house and I didn’t drive, I’ll say that the iPhone came in handy so many more times then anyone could imagine. Not only was it my only connection to the internet for 2 and a half days but it also was my directions in circumstances going to Pittsburgh and on the way back.

So the iPhone was my only connection to the internet and that was totally fine with me, I was still able to moderate my comments and reply to comments, read my email and reply to it. I also used it to listen to podcasts that weren’t even on my phone by streaming the MP3’s, works great.

One feature of the phone that isn’t talked about all that often is the Google maps feature. Possibly the most useful feature in the phone. On the way down the person who was driving missed a turn and we didn’t realize until we were about an hour past it, but that’s ok because I pulled out my iPhone and found us a new route in the matter of minutes. We also missed a turn on the way back home and used the iPhone to navigate our way back to the road that we needed.

The iPhone has come in quite handy in the short time I had it and has saved me from having to ask for directions a bunch of times (man do I hate asking for directions).

Get Featured on Fechr

Fechr is an interesting idea where they feature a single blog or website for an entire day, they currently get about 100 visits a day but expect to see themselves getting much more soon. To get featured all you have to do is write a short post about the idea and what you think of it. It is free to get featured now but they will begin charging when they get about 500 visits charging only $5.00 at first.

I think it is a cool idea and I’m sure to keep up on who is featured next, I wonder if they have an RSS feed of featured sites?

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Top Posts on CyberSurge

I have a widget in my sidebar that highlights the articles that I believe to be the best. However those don’t ever seem to be the top pages visited when I check my Google Analytics page. All of you seem to think that other things are better on here. Now that is fine with me I only put the widget there to give new readers a starting point to finding new and interesting things on my blog. But, it always fascinates me at the end of the day when I check my stats and I find out what actually did best.

Some of the most visited pages could be because people I linked to visited them and link to it themselves or it could be because that particular page had something about it, the way it is worded maybe, that gave it really good search engine ranking. Whatever it is it happens and I thought I would let the readers know what the most visited pages were in the past week. Then if you didn’t get a chance to read it here is an opportunity if you did read it well then I guess you can pass that one by.

  1. 10 of my Favorite Blogs
  2. Win the Nintendo DS Browser
  3. Top 10 iPhone Apps
  4. ATI vs. Nvidia Midrange Graphics Card Comparison
  5. Nintendo DS Browser Review

Well there you have it, two of the items on this top 5 list are actually in my featured articles sidebar widget which makes me happy. Anyway enjoy reading and have fun geeking out.

Taking the day off tomorrow

Tomorrow, July 19, I will taking the day off from blogging and possibly even the following day. I have to have some dental work done and I’m not sure how well I’m going to feel afterwards.

I hope I’ll be able to do a little posting on Friday, even if it is only just one or two.

Anyway wish me luck at the dentist and I’ll be back posting regularly on Saturday.

In other news I’ve put up links to the individual post comment feeds on each of the post pages. This way you can subscribe to the comments RSS feeds from the pages you comment on. You can keep up on the conversation in a post.

I thought about installing the Subscribe to Comments Plugin but I don’t think anyone likes getting a random email 3 months later because some guy just found the post and decided to comment on it. I don’t like those emails and I would assume that all of you don’t either.

10 of my Favorite Blogs

Mashable! had a post asking about what your 10 favorite blogs are and I decided to join in. I would have commented but the spam filters would probably block 10 links in a comment. So here it is and they will get a pingback and find my post from their.

These are not in any specific order just the order that they showed up when looking in “Manage subscription” in Google Reader.

  1. Andrea Micheloni’s blog
  2. Everybody Go To
  3. FranticIndustries
  4. Freakitude dot com
  5. [Geeks Are Sexy] Technology News
  6. Hawk Wings
  7. NeonScent
  8. Ryan Shamus dot Com
  9. ShanKri-la
  10. Vincent Chow dot Net

Well there you have it, I hope you all enjoy them.

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Top Commentators Widget

I spent some time reading a lot of blogs over the weekend to try and spark some ideas on how I could make this place better. I found that many blogs have a widget called the “Top Commentators Widget.” It allows you to have a sidebar widget with the people that comment the most on your blog (hence the name). Well I have tried a few of these types of plugins out a while back and couldn’t get any of them to work but this one works flawlessly with a ton of options.

The greatest thing about this plugin is all you have to do is drop it into your plugins folder using an FTP client, activate it, then drag the widget into your sidebar under Presentation>Widgets. It works pretty well out of the box but most of you would probably make some changes to it.

  • Change the Title
  • Add a description to the widget
  • Exclude users (I will probably exclude myself because there is no need to link to my homepage on my homepage)
  • An option to automatically reset the list every so often
  • Limit the number of names listed in the widget
  • Limit the characters in the names listed
  • Remarks for a blank list, so since I have it set up to reset every month I will write a sentence or two encouraging¬† readers to comment.
  • Filter specific URLs
  • Whether or not to hyperlink the names
  • Whether or not to show it only on the homepage or throughout your entire site

Overall the widget is great and I can’t really think of anything I would add to it. If you have a blog and were having problems with all the other top commentators plugins you should try this one out because it seems to work without a hitch.

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