Warner Bros. Joins the Joost Train

Warners Bros. has become the latest content provider to add its name to the list of programming on Joost. Warner Bros. will add a science fiction and a celebrity channel on Joost this month.

Joost is becoming more and more interesting but I will say one thing about the content on it. Content providers need to allow access to more than the 5 episodes per show they usually add.

I watch Joost fairly regularly now, last night I was watching News Radio and there were only 4 episodes of the show. I think that Joost won’t be as big as it could be until these content providers realize that they aren’t making much money off of this back catalog but there are a lot of people who would watch it if they could watch it at their leisure. If one content provider decided to add every episode or at least one full season of a TV show then that is when Joost will really hit the big time.

Joost One Step Closer To Launching

Joost released a new beta yesterday when the 9.4 version of the software. Not only have they signed deals with bigger advertisers, Coca-Cola, Intel, Hewlett-Packard, Nike, Etc. But they have also signed deals with content owners such as Turner Broadcast System, CNN, Adult Swim, Hasbro, the NHL, Sports Illustrated, and Sony Pictures Television.

Robot Chicken, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Starsky and Hutch, Charlie’s Angels, Transformers, and GI Joe are just some of the programming that will be added from these content owners.

Joost is getting ready to launch and right now has given out a bunch of invites for its beta testers to give out (I only have 5 and know 5 people who want them sorry guys It is now telling me I have 999 so let me know if you want one). I’ve heard that many beta testers have unlimited invites, I only have 5 now I have 999 so if you want one let me know(go here if you want one).

The new content providers should begin showing up this month and Joost is probably just about as far away from opening to the public but for now if you want an invite, ask all your friends or look around the blogs.

We have Winners

The second Joost contest was pretty successful. I was really excited after the first contest when I got an email from Joost telling me that I have 3 invites. I immediately decided to give them away on this site.

The winners are:

Forest Jones
Empty Head

If you are listed here then you already should have gotten your invite in email. If you didn’t give me an email at comments@cybersurge.org

2 More Hours to get your Comments in

There are only 2 hours left until the deadline to get yourself a chance for a Joost Invite.

All you have to do is leave a comment on the site with a relevant point and you’ll be entered.

The winners will be announced tomorrow. Have fun commenting and then maybe you’ll have fun with Joost.

Don’t Forget, Joost Invites, Part II

There are still a couple of days left so get commenting for a Joost invite. The contest will end Saturday at midnight EST Monday at Noon EST. This has been quite fun but I can’t wait to start handing them out.

I’m going to put all the names in a hat and draw 3 of them, whoever is picked gets one. Its quite exciting. To see all the rules check here.

I’ve still been having fun with Joost as usual but I wish they would bring out some new contenet because it is getting boring, nothing interesting on it lately I’ve watched all the cool TV shows. Lately I’ve been watching old Mr. Magoo cartoons! Hopefully the CBS content will be coming out soon.

Update: Pushing the end of the contest to Monday at Noon EST, and announcing the names of the winners on tuesday. I thought I would give all of you a little bit more time to comment.

3 More Joost Invites Available

I’m going to give you all a second chance to win a Joost invite, the previous contest was very successful, lets see how it goes this time.

I’m going to do this contest a little bit like the other one except comments on this post won’t count at all and I will not allow comments on this post.

To get one of my 3 Joost invites all you have to do is make a comment on another post on this site, it has to be on topic though so I don’t want any “I want one.” comments talk a little bit more, I want to know what you think about some of the stuff talked about on here.

Don’t put your email in the actual comment I can see your email when you put it in the email box, no one else can, that will help keep your spam down.

The contest will end on Saturday at midnight EST Monday at Noon EST and will be announced Monday Tuesday but if you won then you should know by then anyways.

Lets get this started.

Update: Pushing the end of the contest to Monday at Noon EST, and announcing the names of the winners on tuesday. I thought I would give all of you a little bit more time to comment.

Update: The contest is over and will be announced tomorrow

Win a Joost Invite

If you would like to get one of four Joost invites then you better keep reading. To get a chance to win a Joost invite all you have to do is post a comment on this blog, of course it has to be relevant to the post that you are commenting on but it isn’t that hard. Just put in your email address and your name and you have a chance to get one.

Comments on this post will not count, but feel free to comment here as well if you want to.

I do delete comments that are not relevant so just add to the blog with a comment and try to win one.

I’m not sure when the contest will be closed but I think that Wednesday April 11th will be the cut off date.

Don’t hesitate and start commenting.

Update: I decided to count comments on this post, I don’t think it would be fair to count this one out.

Update: Just put your email in the required email box not in the main comment box. This way I will see it incase you win but you don’t have to show it to the whole world. Also if you already have a Joost account please mention it in the comment so that those who don’t have it can have a better chance, there is no need for anyone to get two invites.

Update: The contest is officially over and we have winners they are:

Update: I have 3 more, find out how to win one here.

A Full Day with Joost

Yesterday I spent the entire day substituting Joost in whenever I would usually watch a podcast or watch TV. I’ll let you know how I did my little review and then tell you the results of it.

I spent the first hour of Joost recording some information about it, such as how much data Joost uploads and downloads. I also found out how many commercials I saw during an hour period. The next few hours of Joost were spent finding out two things, how solid the program is (it is still beta) and if there is enough content to substitute cable for a lenghty period of time.

(Sorry About the Blurry Table)

As you can see it downloaded a total of 508 MB of data and uploaded 44 MB. If you have a cap on your download or upload for the month with your ISP Joost is not a program for you. I only saw 8 commercials for the first hour. Only a couple of things bothered me about them, they were significantly louder then the rest of the programing and they are the same commercials. Over that hour I only saw 3 different commercials so They get pretty boring.

The program itself is extremely polished and works very well. I love the interface and one of the things I liked about it was with my Media Center remote I could control the channels so I wouldn’t need a mouse or keyboard to flip around. I didn’t find the widgets interesting at all but I think with time as soon as users will be able to create their own widgets and distribute them they will become more and more useful.

There is a lot of programing but not a whole lot of it is really that good. I spent a lot of time watching Rocky and Bullwinkle and the Lime channel which has some cool cooking shows on it. Joost does have a channel catalog which will show you what is popular and what is new at that time which I found very useful to find new and interesting shows to watch. A problem that I found is that under the My Channels list it doesn’t list all of the available channels because looking in the channel catalog I found 3 or 4 channels that weren’t listed in the “My Channels” list. I think it would be much better for them to show me all of the channels and then give me the option of removing ones I don’t watch very often.

I didn’t get bored watching any of the shows but I do think that Joost needs to try and get more content on the service quicker so that you don’t end up watching all the shows that you like and then being left with two options, rewatching shows you already watched or watching things that don’t really interest you.

All in all Joost is a great program and couple it with Netflix or iTunes can get you by if you are on a tight budget and don’t really want to throw down the cash for Cable service but you need to be very careful about how much data the program downloads if you have a download cap you will hit it very quickly.

Joost, It’s Wonderful

I just was able to get myself a Joost invite. I don’t have any invites to give out but I do want to tell you about my experiences with it. Tomorrow I will not watch any TV or listen to any podcasts. Instead, during times when I would be doing so I will watch video on Joost. I’ll let you know what the quality of the video will be and I will be watching it on a 42″ LCD so the artifacts and video quality issues will be very visible. I plan on watching at least 4 hours of content which is about the average time I spend watching TV a day.

Check back on Thursday for the article. But, for my first impressions, It looks pretty good on my TV and I rarely see buffering of the video and that has only happened when I was using my other computer with some heavy network activity. I can’t wait for new channels and video content because it doesn’t seem like there is too much to watch.

Like I said earlier I don’t have any invites but if I get any I’ll let you all know.

Joost Ready to Accept all who have Requested

I know that most of you have requested to try out Joost and a high percentage have not been accepted into the beta program. Well this includes me, but Joost hasn’t forgotten about us. This morning I woke up, checked my email and what did I see? Ok I didn’t get an invite to the beta and they didn’t accept me into it either but, I did get an email about it.

“This is just to let you know that we haven’t forgotten your request to try Joost. We’re now speeding up the process of adding testers and we’ll shortly be inviting everyone who has signed up to try Joost.

This includes you, so expect an invite within the next couple of weeks – in the meantime, thanks for bearing with us – we appreciate it.

See you soon on Joost!

The Joost Team”

This is great, I have wanted to try Joost back when it was called the Venice project. Now everyone who has requested to try Joost will be able too. Not for another couple of weeks of course however we will be able to try it soon.

I think Joost is a great idea but I do hope that when it launches it won’t be a paid service because I don’t have cable and I don’t really want to pay for TV, the way I look at it, make a advertisement based busniess model and get more eyeballs instead of charging $60 a month for television.