I Have Hulu, and It’s Great!

I was really happy to find in yesterdays inbox an email from Hulu with a password allowing me to join the fun (my words, not theirs). I was pretty darn excited, Hulu got some pretty good reviews (and I don’t have cable), so I figured I would try it out.

I logged in with the password that was sent to me and I filled out a little form asking for my name, a username, password, etc. I then began looking through the shows that they have on the service, The Office, Family Guy, The Simpsons, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, 24, and so on. There were however some surprises, The A-Team, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, WKRP in Cincinnati, and many other shows from years past.

I went to Family Guys show page and at the bottom of the page is “Title Details,” next to that heading is a link to “Subscribe to show,” I was pretty darn happy that this was there but wasn’t sure how it worked. I clicked on the “?” link and nothing came up it doesn’t link anywhere so finding out information on “subscribe to show” wasn’t going to happen. I subscribed to the show anyway and am very excited to find out what will happen when a new show comes out. I would assume that when a new show comes out it will automatically add it to my “playlist.”

Oh, yes, Hulu allows you to add episodes of shows to a playlist and watch them back to back, this makes for very easy viewing. Before I even watched any videos I added a few of them to my playlist so that I could watch them back to back without having to touch anything.

Lightweight GPU Identification App In Development

Many of you may be familiar with CPU-Z a comprehensive CPU identifying application that tells you a whole bunch of information about your processor. Well, a new application that has just began development is setting out to do the same thing as CPU-Z but for the graphics card, it will be named GPU-Z.

The developer of GPU-Z is not at all related to the CPU-Z application but from what I can tell GPU-Z will be one heck of an app when it hits 1.0.

Currently GPU-Z is at version 0.0.6 so it is in the very early stages of development, don’t expect it to identify every GPU quite yet.

If you want to play around with the application it is available for download at TechPowerUp.com.

OpenOffice.org Coming Native to OS X Next Year

Next September OpenOffice.org will be releasing its version 3.0 of the software which will finally give native support to OS X without having to install X11 beforehand. In case you Apple guys didn’t realize, you can already do this with a port of OpenOffice called NeoOffice that I have been using for months now.

NeoOffice isn’t affiliated with OpenOffice at all, other then they use a lot of OpenOffice’s source code, NeoOffice has been out of beta for a few months and runs very smoothly.

“The latest version 2.2.1 of NeoOffice includes support for Mac OS X Spellchecker and Address Book, and experimental support for opening Open XML files created by Excel 2007 and PowerPoint 2007. It was released late last month and is downloadable from neooffice.org.” –ComputerWorld

It is interesting that if you want to have support for opening OpenXML files with OpenOffice.org you will have to wait until version 3.0 of the software next year. That is one of the reasons that I hate using open source software that is backed by a lot of money, Firefox has similar problems, just because it is free and is doing better then a lot of its competitors it doesn’t mean that you should take soooo long to add new features that people need. Firefox crashes all of the time and OpenOffice can’t get the key features in, but I don’t want to go on a rant about open source software because all of you will think I don’t like it, I love open source software, but when you start giving these coders money they quit doing it for the love of it and start doing it for the money (not to say that there is much money in open source software but you get the idea).

I’m excited for OpenOffice.org 3.0 and I really hope that updating the UI is on there to do list because lets be honest, OpenOffice.org is looking a bit stale compared to Microsoft Office (you couldn’t say that just a year or so ago, but now it is easily apparent).

If you want to download the latest build of the aqua version of OpenOffice.org you can do so here.

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WiTV Another Joost Competitor

There have been a whole bunch of Joost competitors cropping up lately, Babelgum and Veoh along with a plethora of others.

WiTV looks really great, according to WebTVWire WiTV will be able to integrate with Apple products and is completely browser based.

Just like Joost has integrated chatting however WiTV does Joost one better by integrating Skype and other popular chat clients instead of just having a chat client that doesn’t talk to others easily (not at all). You can also download some of the programming to view on iPods, cell phones, and game consoles.

WiTV does not use any type of P2P technology however so paying for the bandwidth that it will use will be difficult of this Italy based company.

The new program will be a great competitor to Joost and other similar services but I’m sure it will still have trouble getting good content to deliver on the service.

Here are some screenshots of the app.

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SeeqPod Music beta – Playable Search

SeeqPod is a very interesting idea. SeeqPod is a search engine for music. They search the internet for servers that have mp3’s on them then puts them in their index. You then can search through their index and find music to listen to.

After searching for a song or artist you can add songs to a playlist on the right and search for more music on the left, the page uses javascript so your music will continue to play as you add songs to your playlist. After creating your playlist you can share it with your friends or embed it on your blog/site.

The site also has an iPhone version which lets you search for music on your iPhone and stream it to your phone by clicking the links to the MP3’s.

What is really cool about the site is that they have a discover button in the search so it will find similar songs to what you type in the search box, so typing in Fall Out Boy will give you things like the Plain White T’s, The F-Ups, The bled, etc.

Check it out is a really cool place to go and find music to listen to along with discovering new music that you might not have ever heard before.

SeeqPod iPhone Version

Joost Has 1 Million and Launching by 2008

Joost announced at a Press event recently that they have 1 million beta users signed up and are planning on launching to the public by the end of this year.

Joost is a great application and it makes sense that there are so many people testing it. The problem I  see is that there is still not enough good content available on it for it to become something I would use regularly. The content has gotten better since I first signed up, I have to give them that, but when the best content you have on your network is a few episodes of the Rocky and Bullwinkle show you really need to make some more deals.

1 Million Joost Users

And by the way I still have Joost invites so if you would like one just mention it in the comments and I’ll get one to you.

Wan’t a chance to win $10 million? Try Moola

Moola is a new website that according to their introduction page has taken 5 years to develop. What you do is Moola gives you $0.01 to start out with and you play games against others for their money. If you win the first game you end up with $0.02 and every game you play after that can double your money all the way up to $10,737,418.24.

No it is a little bit of a pyramid type scheme however it is completely free and you get to play fun and interesting games at the same time. The money comes from advertisements that are run before you play the games.

I have been spending most of my time playing Gold Rush! but there are 2 other games that you can play and I’m guessing they are developing other games as well.

I haven’t won any money on the site yet, my account is only up to $0.04 at the time I am writing this I haven’t had any more than $0.05 in it but if I ever get up above $10 or so I’m probably just going to take the money.

Alright well if you want to get in on this it is invite only but, I have 3 invites to give out. I’m going to do it a little differently then the other times I’ve given away things on this blog. I will give the invites to the first 3 people to comment on this post.


Pownce Invites

I have 5 Pownce invites to give out and at a time when they are being sold on ebay for up to $5 a piece grabbing one for free would be great.

The first 5 people to comment on this post will get one and that is it. All you have to do is leave a valid email address in the email box when leaving a comment.

What is Pownce? check out what I had to say about it here.

Update: I was given 6 more invites from Pownce which gives me a total of 10 invites left after giving away the first invite to MrBlogger.

Pownce a New Way to Share Files with Friends

Pownce is a new way to share files with friends. It has been created by Leah Culver, Kevin Rose, Daniel Burka, and Shawn Allen. The team has created a new company called Megatechtronium.

The new app that is invitation only but available for Windows and Mac (Linux coming soon) will be a very interesting app once the reviews start to come in. The application will let you leave messages to your friends and colleagues. It also has an instant message feature allowing you to chat live with those friends and colleagues.

Pownce’s website also talks about being able to easily send files and event invitations to your friends on Pownce. You can send events to groups or to individuals.

The application is free but will have some ads on the website and in your notes list. They do offer a pro account for a price allowing you to send bigger files choose from more themes and you don’t have to see any ads.

The application runs under Adobe’s Air allowing you to install it on your own computer or you could use it within your browser.

Here are some pictures of the application:



Opera Mini 4 Beta Debuts

Opera has just debuted a open beta for the Opera Mini 4. You can get the beta by going here.

The new version of Opera Mini will take a guess at what part of the page you would like to read or look at and after a page loads will put that section in focus for you. It also does some cool navigation with the keypad freeing up space on the screen.

Opera Mini 4 beta does some cool stuff like the iPhone does, it loads the entire webpage and shows it in an overview like mode letting you zoom into where you want. The browser also lets you enable a mouse cursor that you control with your phones direction pad.

I’ve been using Opera Mini for over a year and plan on downloading this as soon as I can. Go ahead and check it out yourself.

There is also a video of the browser in action, check it out after the jump.

Safari, Now for Windows UPDATE

Safari 3 can now be downloaded as a public beta starting today. Steve Jobs announced that Safari will be available for the Windows platform. I haven’t had a chance to play with it because I’m running a MacBook right now however I will try it out as soon as I get a chance.Apple is saying that Safari will be much faster than any other Windows browser, showing these benchmarks:

Up to twice as fast as Internet Explorer and 1.6 times faster then Firefox. Safari for Windows seems to run just as well on Windows as it does under OS X, however I’ve only seen the demos and anybody could make a product look good during a demo. They hope to gain market share in the browser space by doing this and I can only imagine that the key to all of this is to get Windows users into the Apple environment. If they see how well Apple products work under Windows then maybe they will have to consider buying a Mac as their next computer.Check out the Safari for Windows Beta. And I know I said that I wasn’t going to be posting today but I figured that this was cool enough to post about.

Update: I had some time with Safari for the Windows and it is the fastest browser that I have ever used on the Windows side of things, it is incredible. I haven’t had any hiccups at all so it seems that the beta is very far along. It does give you a lot more screen real estate for your web pages and I love that the scroll bars look like you are in OS X. Please everyone go download it and try it out you will enjoy it.

HP eBook Reader, Cooler than Sony’s, You decide

I like the idea of an eBook reader but I don’t read enough books for it to be worth buying. I do understand how it would be useful though, for those who read a lot of books an eBook reader would be a great way to carry around a whole bunch of books with you.

I actually think that the best market for an eBook reader is for college students. Instead of having to carry around a whole bunch of heavy books with you, you could have all of your text books inside one book sized device.

This device is not an actual product it is just something that HP has been playing around with but it is a neat looking product. The idea of running your finger across that touch sensitive pad to turn pages I think is a little silly.

Video after the jump

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