Steve Balmer Laughs at the iPhone

Well Steve Balmer seems to think that the iPhone is a big joke, at least he laughs at it like it is. In about a year and a half I’d like to see what he says when the iPhone is down to about $300 subsidized and selling like hot cakes.

The “Video iPod” Problem

There are many people who have talked about the rumored “True Video iPod” the only problem is, what will happen to itunes when this iPod is released. Obviously if you are releasing a new iPod then you will be making more widescreen format video available on iTunes, and possibly higher resolutions. The problem comes in when you realize that sooner or later iTunes will have to change, the current 640×480 resolution can’t stand the test of time, especially if you have…[Read More]

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MacWorld Wish List

Well MacWorld as you know is next week and I have a few things that I want them to release.

  1. New Mac Minis with Core 2 Duo Processors
  2. New iPods with larger hard drives and bigger screens
  3. an Apple Phone that is GSM
  4. The iTV
  5. New Airport and Airport Express
  6. Even though they said that it would not be released until after Vista, Leopard
  7. iLife’07
  8. iWork’07 with a new Spreadsheet application
  9. New 8 Core Mac Pros
  10. Cinema Displays with built in iSight
  11. A new Low end 17″ cinema display
  12. Ultra Portable MacBook Pro with 12″ screen
  13. To give tools needed to build plugins for FrontRow
  14. New features for .mac including larger idisk capacity
  15. More Movies Studios in iTunes

iWork Might Finally be Worth My Money

For the longest time I’ve been using NeoOffice on my Mac for my Word Processing, Spreadsheet, and whatnot. But, iWork’07 might finally be worth my money. according to Think Secret, iWork’07 will have a spreadsheet application. This is all that I have been needing from iWork, I love Pages and I love Keynote but I hope that the new Spreadsheet application will be as simple and easy to use as those. The program is “referred to internally as Lasso” but will probably be called Numbers or Charts. It has over 200 functions and can import and export Excel spreadsheets.

With all these features I’m sure I’ll be in line buying iWork’07 shortly after it is released, most likely that weekend.

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OWC and Axtrion debuting Mac Tablet

OWC and Axtrion will be debuting a Mac Tablet next week that they call the ModBook, it will basically be a MacBook that has been modded inton a tablet, this is a pretty cool idea, if Apple won’t do it, they will. I have a feeling it will be pretty interesting but I’m sure that it won’t be as well executed as it would be if Apple did it. Check it out here.

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iTV May Be Passed Over at MacWorld

There are a few rumor sites talking about the iTV at MacWorld. The rumor is that Apple may pass over the iTV at MacWorld. I have a feeling that the iTV will get passed over at MacWorld and that it will be another “one more thing” keynote by steve a week or two after MacWorld. I am convinced that Apple will release it in January because they said they would and they cannot miss this. It is a huge debut and a big opportunity for Apple to take over the living room.

I am worried that the iTV will not have solid 802.11n support because I’m worried that the standard will not be as set as they hoped, I think that the iTV might start out with g but have an n chip in it much like some of the other Mac computers out there. I am excited for this MacWorld and might not get on the internet until Wednesday so that I can watch the keynote video instead of reading about it. Comment on what you plan on doing for MacWorld, what sites you will be watching or even weather you are going or not.

First Bug in the Month of Apple Bugs

The first of the month of Apple bugs has been released today and it is a buffer overflow problem. Here is what they say about the bug:

A vulnerability exists in the handling of the rtsp:// URL handler. By supplying a specially crafted string (rtsp:// [random] + semicolon + [299 bytes padding + payload]), an attacker could overflow a stack-based buffer, using either HTML, Javascript or a QTL file as attack vector, leading to an exploitable remote arbitrary code execution condition.

We’ll see how the rest of them are and I’m excited as to how Apple will react to them, my guess is they will patch them rather quickly. Here is the web site.

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Apple’s New Welcome Image

Well Apple has a new welcome image up on its site, saying “The first 30 years were just the beginning. Welcome to 2007.” I’m kind of excited about this. It seems Apple has some fun stuff in store for us this year. I’m sure that they are hinting that MacWorld will be pretty gosh darn fun.

New Apple Phone Rumors

Well there was a caller on Leo Laportes radio show. I haven’t heard the audio from the show because it is not up on the internet yet but from the show notes it mentions some interesting things and some angering things as well. First off the thing that makes me mad is that it will be CDMA not GSM. Well that means that I’m not going to be buying one because I hate Verizon and Sprint, mostly because I don’t like how they cripple their phones. I think it would be much better if they went GSM for the world market. They mentioned that the price will be $275 and $335 for the 4GB and 8GB respectively. It will use Bluetooth 2.0 and the casing will be made out of zirconium. Check out the rest of the info at the Show Notes.

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Ten Questions Apple Must Answer in 2007

Wire Blogs “Cult of the Mac” has a great list of 10 questions Apple must answer in 2007. It has some great thoughts in it and I think that the list is pretty full. Just a taste of my favorites:

  1. Is Apple ready to compete in two new fields (Home Theater and Mobile Telephony)?
  2. What does Apple credit for soaring Mac sales?
  3. What more can Apple do with the iPod?
  4. Can Apple stay successful if Jobs steps down?

Check out the full list here.

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New Mac Pros and Displays at January MacWorld

Well, the isight is now dead and Quad-Core processors have debuted. Is it time for a new Mac Pro, I believe so. Now this is just speculation but wouldn’t it make sense for Apple to come out with a second configuration that is more expensive than the current Mac Pro that features 8 Cores inside.

There are also some rumors out there that Apple will be revising and possibly dropping the price of its monitors. Adding an isight camera to the top of the display and since Apple has seemed to be starting to make things a little bit better bang for your buck then it has in the past with the drop in price of the iPod. I think it would just make sense for apple to drop the price of its displays.