WWDC June 11-15th, 2007

Apple has announced when this years WWDC (World Wide Developers Confrence) will be. It will be June 11-15th. As I mentioned on Jan 31st there is only 1 computer that does not use the newer Intel chip. The Mac Mini. The older chip, only being a 32-bit chip. I wonder how great it would make steve jobs in June if he could say during his keynote, “all of our macs now feature 64-bit processors.” This would be cool because I’m assuming that Leopard will be coming out at WWDC and it is a 64-bit friendly operating system.

Developers I’m sure would like to start coding for 64-bit processors but there is still that little Mac Mini that doesn’t have a 64-bit chip. Apple has always been one to push technology forward and making their OS 64-bit friendly and every computer they make 64-bit its just one more step forward.

Apple and Apple Make Up?

Apple Corp. announced today a new agreement that Apple Inc and Apple Corp have come to. A lot of people including me haven’t really realized that Apple inc has now changed their name from Apple Computers inc to just Apple inc. That would most likely anger Apple Corp now wouldn’t it? The terms of the settlement were not disclosed but according to AppleInsider the agreement was ended on a posative note so the chance of later disagreements are slim.

This sounds to me like these agreements may have had a bit of a deal where iTunes could sell Beatles music in iTunes. This has been long rumored and even many fake rumors such as Merlin Manns rumor of the Beatles iPod.

“It is great to put this dispute behind us and move on,” said Neil Aspinall, manager of Apple Corps. “The years ahead are going to be very exciting times for us. We wish Apple Inc. every success and look forward to many years of peaceful co-operation with them.”

With these reports I’m assuming that the rumor sites will have a field day with it.

Weekly Picks

These are the things that I wanted to buy this week. There wasn’t very many products that I wanted this week so there are only two of them. I might not actually buy them but I do want them.

The Orange iPod Shuffle. Even though I have the silver first rev one I want the orange one because it looks cooler and it comes with the newly designed headphones, really cool!

Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate. I know that many of you have been hating on Vista but I think its a great operating system and I plan to use it for my HTPC in the living room, that Media Center interface is beautiful and its more secure.

Cisco vs. Apple Update

Well we all know that Cisco has decided to sue Apple over the name iPhone. Well yesterday Cisco announced that they have decided to postpone the lawsuit over the name. The two companies have started up talks again for an agreement over the name. I don’t really know why Apple is even trying, they don’t need the name, the name isn’t even that good anyway. I’m guess that they will end up deciding to do an out of court settlement for the name.

iPod Game, Vortex Demo

Wanna try out one of those iPod games but don’t want to shell out that $4.99 for one, well now you can try out Vortex for free. If you want to try it out now you can get it here.

What’s with the Core _ Duo in the Mac Mini

Why hasn’t Apple updated the Mac Mini yet to Core 2 Duo. They were able to do it in all of the other computers. I’m wondering why because I’ve been eying it as a better alternative to the AppleTV. For an extra $300 I can have a fully functional computer with a heck of a lot more options. The only thing that I wish I could get was the cool interface. I’m hoping that in the future, such as in Leopard, Apple will update Frontrow to the cool AppleTV interface. I’m not sure what to do. I might buy the Mac Mini I might buy the AppleTV, I’m just not sure.

Apple Releases 802.11n Enabler

If you have a Core 2 Duo mac and don’t plan on buying the Airport Extreme and you want the 802.11n capability you can now purchase it in the store for $1.99 however it’s a little tough to get to but I decided to make it a little easier for you by letting you click this link.

iPod Shuffle Now with Colors

Now the iPod Shuffle coes in five colors similar to the iPod nano but with an added color, orange and a two subtracted, red and black. It seems likely that they’re will be a red version in the coming months but we may never see a black one, it wouldn’t really look right.

This makes me wish I waited for my iPod shuffle because I am all over that green one, it looks pretty!

What could Apple be up to?

The Apple store is now showing a “We’ll be back soon” sign. their were some rumors yesterday that something would be updated. I hope we’ll bet some of the stuff that we thought we were going to get at the MacWorld Keynote. Like, updated Mac Pros, new cinema displays, updated Mac Minis?

Basement Mac Collection

This guy has a lot of time and a lot of money, at least he has a lot of time on his hands to devote his entire basement as a Mac shrine. Check out the whole flickr collection here.

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Quantum Research Group Sueing Apple

Quantum research group is sueing Apple over the wonderful “click wheel” supposedly violating its patent for “charge-transfer technology.” The legal action began in 2005 but didn’t become public until now. Now if the claim is valid or not I don’t know and still remains to be seen but I don’t think that Apple will let their ingenius click wheel die. Well the click wheel may die with the introduction of the iPhone the new interface for the iPod could be the touch screen. I think that Apple may end up settling out of court like many of their other law suits but we’ll have to wait and see.

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iPhone Ringtone for Download

I know all of you want an iPhone, you may not want to pay all that money for one, but I know you want one, unless you like buttons. If you can’t wait until June for it you may be interested in downloading the ringtone and at least being reminded that you will be spending $500-$600 in June. Gizmodo has the iPhone ringtone up for download, I downloaded it and it is cool. It sounds like it was taken right from the keynote because it sounds a little echo-y. Here is the download at Gizmodo.

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