Would you like to reach my readers? CyberSurge has an audience of people who love technology, gadgets, and all things Web 2.0. Here is some information about the site:

Current Site Statistics:

  • Approximate Monthly Pageviews: 8,000
  • Approximate Monthly Unique Visitors: 7,000
  • Approximate RSS Subscribers: 75

If you are launching a new product or service and would like to create some buzz or if you just want to let people know about an existing product or service advertising with CyberSurge is a great way to get the word out.

There are currently 3 ways of advertising with CyberSurge.

468×60 Banner Ads
These 468×60 banner ads will be located at the top of every page for $6 per month or at the bottom of post pages above the comments for $5 per month.

160×600 or 120×160 Banner Ads
Located in the far right sidebar, animation is not allowed. Available for $7 per month.

RSS Sponsorship
Up to 140 characters including up to 2 links placed at the bottom of every item on the post RSS feed for $2 per month.

Payment Information
All funds will be exchanged using PayPal. CyberSurge reserves the right to turn down any offer made by advertisers (usually only done if the product is not related to this blog’s content). Advertising plans are agreed to on a month-to-month basis, if you would like to extend the time period an ad is shown on this blog, just let me know.

When will the ads be placed on CyberSurge?
All new ads will be placed on CyberSurge at the beginning of the following month.

Questions about advertising or contact about starting a campaign.
If you have any questions regarding advertising or you would like to start advertising on CyberSurge you can contact me through the contact me page (just change the subject from “CyberSurge Comments” to “Advertise”). If you don’t want to deal with contact forms you can also email me directly at

All links purchased on this blog will include the nofollow tag.

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