“Publish Video” Screen Found in iPhone Firmware 3.0

MobileMe Publish Video iPhone 3.0

Engadget Mobile has discovered a screen in iPhone firmware 3.0 labeled “Publish Video.” Engadget Mobile dismisses this as an interesting typo but AppleInisder has heard from an “extremely reliable source” that the next hardware revision of the iPhone will feature video recording capabilities.

These of course are all still rumors but both AppleInsider and Engadget Mobile seem reliable enough to me. Video recording is (to me) the last feature left before there is no need to take any other devices with me. I would still like a better camera in the iPhone but it is still good enough.

Apple has consistently improved the iPhone since its initial release and it amazes me that it has taken this long before a cell phone company actually appeared to care about their products user experience.

USB tethering, Publish Video and Find my iPhone found in OS 3.0.

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