Nvidia Plans 9800GT Green Edition

Nvidia is going to quietly launch a GeForce 9800GT “Green Edition” in mid-March. The “Green Edition” has a lower GPU voltage, and consequently slower clockspeeds. The core clock looks set to be reduced from 600 to 550MHz, while the shader clock will be decelerated from 1500 to 1375MHz.

Sounds like Nvidia is in the renaming mood. I hate when they do this, but if it means we end up with eventually better priced graphics cards I’m happy with it.

Nvidia Plans 9800GT Green Edition, More Renaming Adventures – VR-Zone.com: News and Reviews.


  1. @BallysCasinoHotel because the chip was made to work at that higher clockspeed if they decrease the speed even by (what appears to be) a little bit they can lower the energy usage significantly.

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