Apple Surveying New Apple TV Owners

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Apple might actually be unsure of where to go with their little “hobby”. The Apple TV hasn’t really changed that much since its introduction. The ability to rent movies and buy content from the iTunes store was nice but in the grand scheme of things it really is just a way for Apple to make money from Apple TV owners.

But, now Apple has began asking recent Apple TV purchasers to take an online survey about how they use their Apple TV. The questions in the survey asked about what hardware the Apple TV is used with and where the video they watch on it came from. The survey even goes so far as to ask “If you could change one thing about your Apple TV, what would that be?”

Since I’ve had my Apple TV for as long as I have (before Take 2 was announced) I haven’t been asked to answer the survey but I will answer the most interesting question right here.

The one thing I would change about the Apple TV is that I would add the ability to plugin an Elgato EyeTV and turn the Apple TV into a DVR. The Apple TV would record content onto its internal hard drive and then sync it back to the iTunes Library the Apple TV is linked with. I would be able to watch live television through my Apple TV and schedule recordings with an onscreen guide. The recorded content would have the proper tags in the file so that the episode name, actors, episode number, season number, etc. was all filled out for me.

I know that this would probably never happen since it would cut into iTunes TV show and movie sales but it really is my dream. And, I didn’t even get into the fact that it would be better just because it was made by Apple (in a way I can’t even explain).

Apple Surveying Apple TV Owners About Habits and Wants – Mac Rumors.

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