Amazon Kindle 2 Gets Official

Amazon Kindle 2 In Hand

That’s right the Kindle 2, which I posted some pretty legitimate looking details about 3 days ago is now official. The Kindle sports a brand new design that not only makes it more appealing to the eye but also makes it a lot easier to hold when you’re reading.

The thing is super thin and the display has a much quicker refresh rate then the previous Kindle. The display doesn’t just have a quicker refresh rate, it also can display 16 shades of gray instead of the 4 on the previous model. Amazon is also claiming a 25% longer battery life. All for the reasonable price of $359.

What I’m wondering now though is whether or not I really need a laptop at all. Between my iPhone and the Kindle 2 (which I haven’t ordered but hope to get one this summer) I don’t really know what else I need. I can do most of my work on the iPhone with all of the great 3rd party apps and all of the longer articles that I like to read can be read on the Kindle, which has a display that is significantly easier on the eyes than the iPhone’s.

The one aspect of my daily computing activities that I don’t see fitting into this scenario however is blogging. Luckily I have an iPhone and the WordPress app is pretty good, but posting media such as images or videos is nearly impossible on the iPhone. I could probably use the Press This bookmarklet for WordPress to post with new images but that isn’t ideal.

What it really comes down to is the fact that I could live for weeks with just a Kindle and my iPhone and be just fine, that is if WordPress would improve their iPhone app.

Kindle 2: Amazon’s New Wireless Reading Device (Latest Generation).

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