New Netflix Shipping Policy

Recently I received an email from Netflix telling me that the DVD at the top of my queue wasn’t available at my local shipping center so they had sent me my next available DVD but also sent the DVD that wasn’t available from the next closest shipping center. So essentially I got a complimentary DVD from Netflix.

I then did some searching around on Netflix’s site to see if there was any mention of this (since it has never happened to me before) and found out that the new policy began on December 11, 2008.

“Now, if your first choice is not available in your local shipping center, we immediately send the next locally available movie in your Queue. And whenever possible, we also send your first choice from another of our 55 shipping centers throughout the U.S. When this happens, you end up with a complimentary extra DVD rental.”

So, you’re probably trying to figure out how Netflix will deal with that extra DVD you have and it’s very simple, Netflix will send you your next DVD after you return any two movies.

Just one more example of why Netflix is such a great company.

The Official Netflix Blog: New DVD shipping process.

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