Meizu M8 Prepping for March Release

The Meizu M8  is ready for a full scale launch (and by full scale I mean mainland China) sometime in March.

The Meizu M8 has been an incredibly interesting phone to watch since it was first announced shortly after the iPhone was. The phone is obviously inspired by the iPhone and it is very possible that Apple may try and take them out with any lawsuits they can pin on the manufacturer.

The video above shows the Meizu M8 unboxed and demoed a bit. Although I am not going to be switching from my iPhone (not just because of the fact that I live in the US but also because I prefer the iPhone user experience) it is a really cool phone and I hope to see some of its more unique features in an upcoming iPhone release.


  1. @Buy Signals I don’t believe there has been an announcement on pricing yet, I think all of the pricing information out is currently just speculation.

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