Palm May be Readying webOS Based Centro

I wouln’t be surprised if Palm was to release a Centro 2 with webOS. I have had a weird feeling that Palm might end up screwing this opportunity and diversifying this platform too early in the game would really do it.

Obviously this is still just a rumor but Palm has made many mistakes in the past and although many of the people who have been working on webOS have come from other (more succesful companies) Palm is still Palm and doing something stupid like this isn’t out of the realm of possabilities.

The only way I could see a Centro based on webOS in the very near future working would be if Palm could figure out a way to make the 3rd party apps work the same way and easily while changing the size of the display. And, who knows, with the operating systems built in ability to resize applications when notifications appear they might actually be able to pull it off.

But, would they really want to. An obviously lower margin webOS based device would steal some consumers awa from the Pre and make Palm less money while forcing them to split their focus between (essentially) two flaship phones and may end up hurting the platform in the long run.

Palm certainly is doing some big things but one misstep could spell disaster for the companies hopes of becoming a dominant player again. I personally would like to see them succeed, if only to help bring out the best in the competition.

Electronista | Palm readying webOS-based Centro?.

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