Macworld Expo 2009 Predictions – Results

I did manage to predict all that was released (not the specifics obviously), but then again I think most everyone did.

There were a few things that I predicted that didn’t happen but I do think that we will see all of these things in the coming couple of months.

  • “I expect the iMac and Mac Mini to get processor, hard drive, RAM, and graphics card updates (the new Nvidia chipsets).” – Didn’t happen.
  • “I expect to see more info on Snow Leopard, at the very least a rough estimate as to when it would be released.” – Didn’t happen
  • “I expect to see updates to the rest of the Cinema Display line.” – Didn’t happen.

I think we will see updates to the Mac Mini and iMac specs sooner than the rest of these predictions and don’t be surprised if the Cinema Displays don’t get updates until WWDC (Apple seems to have more love for the iMac then the Cinema Displays).

Macworld Expo 2009 Predictions.

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