Apple Announces Its Last Year at Macworld

It truly is an end of an era. With MacWorld being downsized by folks like Adobe announcing that they won’t be attending the event I would be surprised if the conference will be able to last another couple of years.

This obviously comes as a surprise to many, Apple has attended MacWorld for what seems like forever and it just makes me wonder what Mac fans will be able to look forward to in the year. There is always the WWDC event but that hasn’t typically been the place for Apple to announce consumer related devices.

I guess Apple just got tired of rushing products to market, with the horrible experiences some have had getting MoblieMe working or all of those who waited hours in AT&T store waiting for the iPhone 3G to get activated it doesn’t surprise me that Apple would want to change some things. Many of the products Apple has released in the past few years really could have had another couple months in the oven before they were released and with the economy going the way that it seems it will it is going to become even more important for products to work correctly the minute you buy them, not two weeks afterward when the first software update comes out for it.

I’m personally very disappointed that Apple will no longer be attending MacWorld, I never had the opertunity to attend the event and from the looks of things I might never be able to. Let’s hope somebody else (maybe even Apple) will be able to pick up the slack with another consumer focused conference that Apple is actually willing to attend.

Apple Announces Its Last Year at Macworld.

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  1. Some other time, I would have cared. But owing to the recession who cares what happens to the macworld now, when my own world is crumbling!

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