Format Change at CyberSurge

With the release of WordPress 2.7 I was reminded of a feature that I had forgotten about. The Press This bookmarklet feature which essentially makes short form blog posting much easier.

As many of you know I have been writing a Tumblr blog for quite some time as well in addition to this blog, but what I’ve found is that having two blogs isn’t exactly ideal, so what I am going to begin experimenting with is doing all of my posting on this blog instead.

In situations where I would normally post to my Tumblr blog I am going to be using the Press This bookmarklet to post it here instead. I will also be seeing if there is a way to exclude these posts from an RSS feed so that if you don’t want that content you can subscribe to the non-tumblrized feed and just get the longer form content.

This is mostly an experiment and there is no telling whether or not it will continue but I’ve found myself posting here less often because of the lack of time and would love to do more of my posting here. I’ve also found myself in the middle of a Tumblr post wondering whether or not it was long enough or inciteful enough to be pushed up to my main blog, hopefully this will help with those situations.

I do however want to give credit where credit is due. My original reasoning for starting the Tumblr blog was to try and emulate John Gruber’s linked lists on his site Daring Fireball (linked is a post announcing that Daring Fireball Linked Lists will be available to everyone) but I haven’t been happy with the way it has turned out so have decided to add that to this blog.

I will begin posting this content in a new category called Linked List and soon will have links to RSS feeds of just this content, just the main content, and both the main and linked list content.

If you have any comments regarding this new addition to the blog, please let me know in the comments. If you would like to see what kinds of additional posts will be added here you can check out, the additional posts will be very similar to the ones already posted there.

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