Microsoft Announces Branded Clothing Line

That’s right folks, you’re going to be able to pick up some DOS T-shits. The line will feature a few designs contributed by the rapper Common.

The idea for these shirts was conceived by Crispin Porter & Bogusky, the marketing firm that Microsoft hired for their most recent attempt at making themselves into a cool brand.

The line will feature designs that will invoke memories of Microsoft in the ’80s and will be called Softwear by Microsoft and is expected to begin selling in stores on December 15th.

As much as everyone in the blogosphere likes to make fun of Microsofts marketing efforts I actually don’t think that this is a bad idea. I for one would love to pick up some Softwear from Microsoft, but I may just be in a geek class of my own on this (the class in which other geeks look at you and say things like “wow you are one hell of a geek”).

Of the two shirts that have been seen in pictures around the internet I would personally buy both of them. I don’t know how successful this marketing idea will be but I’m sure I’ll buy into it (and I don’t even use any Microsoft products).

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