Why Can’t My iPhone Check My Email Less Often?

One of the problems I have with the iPhone (and there aren’t that many) is that there is no way of having the iPhone check email less often than once an hour, you can set it to check every 15 minutes, every 30 minutes, every hour, or manually. But, what if I want it to check once a day at a specific time or once every 2 or 3 hours.

I get a lot of email every day, but not enough to justify my iPhone checking with mail servers once an hour. If I had my way I would have the iPhone check every day at 7am, this way when I wake up in the morning I would have all my email on my phone and ready to be read.

The biggest problem with having the iPhone automatically check for email is battery life. I don’t have any battery life issues with the iPhone but then again I don’t have my iPhone automatically check for email, I have it set to manual.

So, Apple, why do I have to choose from these 4 options, when none of them are optimal for the majority of users (who most likely get as much or less email then I do).

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