Tech I’m Thankful For

These past few years have been great in the world of technology and since today is Thanksgiving I thought I would share with all of you what I’m thankful for in this tech world.

The iPhone, I still have the original iPhone but since I live in an area without 3G coverage it wasn’t worth it for me to purchase the new iPhone 3G. I love my iPhone and it was made infinately better this year when the App Store was released to the public.

The iMac, I posted about my iMac in August and it has been a joy ever since. The hardware is gorgeous and it is the fastest computer I’ve ever owned. The speed shows every time I encode video for my iPhone

The Apple TV, since I don’t have cable almost all of my media comes through the internet, podcasts and iTunes downloads mostly, the Apple TV let’s me watch all that content on my 42″ tv in the living room.

Twitter, I love twitter and use it to communicate with friends and family every day. It is an amazing service and I’m sure that it will eventually kill off most if not all of peoples IM usage (IM is so 90s).

Google Reader, I use Google Reader more often then I probably should and it is the place where 90% of my news comes from. I used to use NetNewsWire but the first time I used Google Reader I realized what I had been missing.

And with that I also want to thank everyone who has been reading this blog for the past year and some odd months that I’ve been writing it. Thank you, and happy Thanksgiving.

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