T-Systems Displays New Design in MacBook Pro Image

T-Systems (owned by Deutsche Telekom) is selling a MacBook Pro that happens to have the same specs as current MacBook Pros, but the photo shown doesn’t depict a MacBook Pro that I’ve ever seen before.

The simple answer (and the truth) is that it is just a mock up of a Macbook Pro, or a graphic designers take on the MacBook Pro.

So we already know that this isn’t real but looking at it makes me really wish that Apple would do a nice refresh of the MacBook Pro line. I would love to see the MacBook style keyboard included and maybe even the slightly wider trackpad like on the MacBook Air.

John Gruber over at Daring Fireball has already claimed that sources are telling him that their will be a refresh of Apple notebooks on October 14th but we don’t know whether it will be design refresh or a spec refresh. Both the MacBook and the MacBook Pro are getting a little long in the tooth in regards to their design while the MacBook Air could see some spec bumps. I’m very excited to see what Apple decides to do with the notebooks when that day finally comes.

Back to the photo above for a moment though. Why would an online store have a photo of a computer that isn’t real? Wouldn’t it be more logical (and easier) for them to display an actual photo of the MacBook Pro, even if it is just one of Apple’s press shots? The whole thing seems very strange to me.

Daring Fireball

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