Apple Let’s Rock Event, Results Are In

So the Apple event was a little underwhelming (not to me, but to most) but I’ll just take a little bit of time to shortly recap what happened at the event.

  • NBC back in iTunes.
  • iTunes adding HD TV shows for $2.99 per episode.
  • iTunes 8 with Genius playlists and the Genius sidebar (suggests songs similar to a chosen song)
  • 120GB iPod Classic for $249 (supports new iPod Earphones).
  • iPod Nano, 8GB $149, 16GB $199. curved aluminum design, thinnest iPod ever, accelerometer. Available in 9 colors.
  • New in-ear headphones for $79 and earbuds for $29. Has, squeeze button, mic, and volume up/down buttons.
  • iPod Touch, 8GB $229, 16GB $299, 32GB $399. Hardware volume controls, and built in speaker. Built in Nike + iPod support.
  • iPod Touch firmware 2.1 with iPhone firmware 2.1 coming Friday.

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