Apple Accidentally Leaks iTunes 8

Last night UFailPix posted about downloading iTunes 8 from Apple’s own website. This is of course unconfirmed because there has been nothing more than a screenshot of Apple’s website with an oddly placed download link to iTunes.

The blog says that it is a huge upgrade from the previous version but after shortly updated the post saying that he believes the version he downloaded is actually a release candidate.

I’m not sure if I believe the post since there are no screenshots of the application itself only of the web site, but, who knows. Mistakes have been made in the past and it isn’t out of the realm of possibilities for Apple to have accidentally leaked the new version.


Update: they decided to post a link to the download which you can download here (link removed). I can’t confirm that it is iTunes since I just started downloading it, but once downloaded (in about 10 minutes) I’ll install on a see how it is. Hopefully it is the mac version but if not I’ll have to install it on one of my old PCs.

Update x2: This seems to be completely fake, I downloaded the file and even though it has a password on the archive I could see what files are inside of it. There are two files in the archive, one called obama.doc and one called zunesetuppkg-x86.exe. So I guess all the people in the comments that have said they downloaded it and liked it can’t tell the difference between iTunes and the Zune software.

So, the leak is fake and other than the rumors that say we’ll be getting iTunes 8 tomorrow we won’t know for sure until then.


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