iPod Nano 4G Photo Leaked -Update

Another iPod Nano 4G photo has leaked, this one is shows an orange version in its original packaging. This photo is much better looking than the one shown by Kevin Rose and confirms the new design changes once and for all.

This new design resembles the 2G iPod Nano much more than the 3G but features a larger display than the 3G Nano. Along with the photo came information that the new iPod will be shipping next week but will be exempt from the back-to-school promo that runs until September 15.


Engadget has posted another photo showing the Nano unboxed.

By the way, I’m curious what this new display size will mean for games on the iPod.


This just in: After looking at the second of the two photos above and comparing the porportions of the two iPods it seems that one of them is fake (my guess would be the second one). The distance between the bottom of the iPod and the play/pause button is different on the two of them and the curvature of the case itself is much different. Not to mention the fact that in the second photo it shows the old style iPod cable. Let’s just say the photo of the green iPod Nano is very suspect indeed.

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