September 9 Apple Event Confirmed

Yes, I know, I was wrong, and even though I was wrong I am still pretty sure my logic was (at the very least) good. But, we will be seeing an Apple event on Sep. 9. The invitation went out yesterday to all of the “big guys” with the title “Let’s Rock,” the picture next to it depicted a typical iPod touting dancer who seemed to be carrying the rumored iPod Nano 4G.

There are strong indications that this event will bring about a new iPod Nano, iPod Touch, and more than likely some news about the 2.1 software update for the iPhone. While other rumors have suggested that we may be seeing MacBook and MacBook Pro updates, we probably won’t be seeing them until October or later.

On the software front there are rumors that we will be seing iTunes 8.0 and along with it might come features such as music suggestion and (hopefully) an unlimited iTunes subscription option.

I expect to see a new iPod Nano, new iPod Touch, iPhone 2.1 info, and iTunes 8.0. But, I don’t expect to see anything else.


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