Nvidia Geforce 9400 GT

Nvidia has just released another low end graphics card, the Geforce 9400 GT shares many of the same optimizations as the rest of the 9 series, the chipset has 16 visual effects cores but is fast enough to double the performance of the Geforce 8400 from just a year ago.

The GPU has a 550MHz core clock speed and 800MHz effective memory clock letting these boards have smaller cooling fans than other GPUs.

This new card also supports Nvidia’s CUDA language for running general purpose computing on the graphics cards processor.

Although there will be variations from different manufacturers a stock 9400 GT will have 512MB of memory, a single dual-link DVI connector and VGA. This card should set a new benchmark for low end graphics cards and is targeted at a price point of $59.

Cards should be available starting immediately.


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