Netflix Blaming A Hardware Failure For DVD Shipping Delay

Netflix is blaming faulty computer hardware for the recent delay in DVD shipments where millions of shipments were affected.

“We’ve taken steps to fortify our shipping system with the acquisition of additional equipment and worked with our vendors to verify we’re in good shape elsewhere,” Mike Osier, Netflix’s technology chief, wrote on the company’s website.

This was the worst outage the company had ever seen in the company’s nine-year history and affected about one-third of the service’s 8.4 million subscribers.

Netflix has decided to give every customer affected a 15% credit on their next monthly bill to compensate for the delays.

I’m very happy with the 15% credit and actually believe that that is more than enough to compensate me for the delay. I’ve personally talked to several friends of mine who were also affected and they all had a general consensus that Netflix did the right thing.



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