In Reply to Ars Technica, What Apple Needs To Fix

Yesterday Ars Technica posted this article talking about what is still wrong with the iPhone 3G, I suggest everyone read it first before reading this post. This post is just a reply to it point by point showing why they are wrong on most of them.

Activation: Not that big of an issue, it was only an issue the first week or so and that is to be expected, the only reason we can complain about activation issues though is because last year it was done so radically differently.

Cracks: This is a huge issue, not only in the iPhone 3Gs but also in the MacBooks, it is very possible that this is just a manufacturing issue with the type of plastic used in the white models. I just kind of wish they would go back to the aluminum and plastic back instead.

Software: Software issues are no longer their, and if you think they are you need to read my tips talking about how you can fix these issues.

F*cking NDA: The reason for the NDA is actually because of intellectual property, I truly believe that Apple still thinks there are a lot of patents that could be written up form the SDK, the NDA is keeping it from going public and therefore are still patentable by Apple.

3G or not 3G, that is the question: I think most of the issues mentioned here, switching from 3G to EDGE at odd times may just be an issue with the iPhone software itself. The iPhone is supposed to intellegently switch between the 3G and 2G networks to conserve battery life, it is possible that this feature hasn’t had all the kinks worked out of it yet and it will be fixed in September.

Now What: It’s strange to me that the spotty 3G coverage and the iPhone SDK NDA are the two things that Ars Technica choose to highlight as the worst, which (to me at least) are incredibly minimal compared to the cracks, you see, the NDA is only really relevant to developers (I know we could get into an arguement about how what affects defelopers ultimately affects users but we won’t get into that right now) and the spotty 3G coverage only affects users in certain cities. I don’t know the exact numbers but I would be willing to bet that there are nearly as many users of the iPhone 3G in 2G networks then there are on 3G networks which means that only about half of the users are affected at all by the weird 3G coverage.

It is obvious that the iPhone 3G has faults but the only question that really needs answering is whether or not it is the best smartphone, I personally believe it is and I know of about 9 million other people who think so as well. I would never switch to a Windows Mobile phone or a Nokia phone because I think the iPhone is the best, not because I’m a fanboy but because from my experience the iPhone is the easiest to use with the most functionality.

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