Review of De Blob for the iPhone

De Blob was a game that I was really interested in when I first heard about it. The basic premise is that you are a blob that picks up different colored paint and rolls around coloring buildings. Of course that isn’t the whole game you also do things like race from point to point before the time runs out, have to crush Inkts.

The story within the game basically goes like this, a takes all the color away from the city and you have to bring it back by rolling around painting buildings. You also run into “Revolutionaries” which will give you various missions like having to crush 4 Inkts in a set amount of time or paint 6 buildings red in a set amount of time.

The game is very simple and easy to pick up and play, there are two ways to control your character you can either enable tilt controls which let you tilt the device to move him around or you can tap on the screen in front of him to make him go that direction. The only other thing you need to know how to do is tap the circle on the bottom of the screen to crush Inkts.

You can also gain bonus points for collecting four letters that spell out the word “Blob.”

I think everyone should head to the App Store and pick up this game it is well worth the $7.99 and maybe even the first game that I’ve been able to say that about. I don’t usually give a score based on a number scale for iPhone games but if I was to give one for this game it would have to be an 8/10.

De Blob – $7.99

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