MagicPad’s Copy and Paste Demoed on Video UPDATE

MagicPad is still awaiting approval to be in the App Store but what’s interesting about this application is that it includes the ability to copy and paste. You can also change the font, font size, color, apply text affects as well.

This is an interesting idea but I don’t like how you select text because if you are trying to input text in a spot within a body of text sometimes you have to drag your finger around to get the cursor in the right spot, but, with this app doing that would select the text instead of moving the cursor around, assuming that selecting text works the same way as on a computer when you input text it would remove the selected text and add the typed in text.

(Update: I was wrong about how you select text, you double-tap and drag to select text, which wasn’t very evident from the video. But, if Apple does end up adding the ability to select text and copy/paste double tapping zooms in for most applications so this interface will be incredibly inconsistent if Apple adds it in the future.)

This is a great looking application and I have been waiting for a good text editor for the iPhone but what I see missing is a white text on black background option, and the ability to sync the text files to my desktop.

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