Buggy iPhone Firmware 2.0 Follow-Up

I just wanted to do a little follow-up regarding the bugs in firmware 2.0 for the iPhone. I’m still hearing a lot of people complaining about crashes and needing to do full restores.

In my previous post I talked about limiting the number of apps you have on your phone at a time and I want to talk a little bit more about that. Leo Laporte on yesterdays MacBreak Weekly said that he is having a lot of crashing issues, but he also said that he has 32 applications installed. Does he really expect a phone with a 1.0 release of an SDK to be able to handle 32 apps gracefully? I know that the iPhone SHOULD be able to handle that many apps, but it can’t (at least until firmware 2.1 or 2.0.1).

Let’s be honest here, there is no way that he is even using that many apps on a day to day basis, I have 13 apps installed and I probably only use 4 or 5 of them daily. Now I have downloaded 36 apps to my computer but I don’t have all of them on my phone, for stability and icon organizations sake.

I have only seen one crash on my iPhone since the 17th and that was right after installing Sudoku onto my iPhone, the reason I’ve been able to keep crashes to a minimum is the low number of apps installed and the fact that I do all my app management (installing and uninstalling) from iTunes on my desktop.

The only one thing that Leo Laporte mentioned that I can’t argue with (or bring up a point about) is the instability of location based services and the reason I can’t really comment on it is because I don’t use location based services on my phone that often (except for the occasional time when I take a picture). So I can give that to him, some (keyword being some) of his instability could be from the location based services but I’m willing to bet that the large majority of it is due to the large number of apps on the phone at any given time and the app management on the phone itself.

The last thing I want to talk about is people complaining about long sync times with firmware 2.0. For each time you connect your iPhone to your computer to sync it it will do a backup (if you sync it multiple times without disconnecting it it won’t do a backup). The backups are being done to preserve settings and application data stored on the phone so in case of a major crash you shouldn’t lose too much. When I sync my phone it usually takes about 3-5 minutes, which seems like a long time (to me) bit I’ve heard people saying they are seeing 20 minutes or more, and that can easily be remedied by taking some apps off of your phone. I’m sure you aren’t using all of them, so sit down and take the 5 minutes to figure out what apps you actually use an only leave those on your phone, the 5 minutes will more then be made up for after 2 or 3 syncs.

I know this seems like a lot to deal with just to be able to have apps on your phone but you ALL (so did I) asked for apps, and this is what we get for it. It will be easier soon (with firmware updates) but until then, if you want a reliable phone follow these tips.

MacBreak Weekly


  1. I have an iPhone upgraded to 2.0 and I have 5 apps installed, four of them free. None of them start anymore. They crash to the desktop. It used to be that I could just delete one and then reinstall it and they would then work for a while. Now that doesn’t work. Sync’ing doesn’t fix it either. Apple definitely has some work to do.

  2. @Carl Gundel I would suggest doing a fresh install of the 2.0 firmware, but (if possible) don’t restore from a backup, instead sync everything back to your phone as if the phone was brand new. I’ve heard many people (including me) have seen a great benefit to doing a fresh install. If you installed the apps form the App Store on your iPhone it’s possible that is the reason for some of the instability, but doing a fresh install should solve all of your issues.

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