Buggy iPhone 2.0

I’ve heard a lot of reports of bugginess in the iPhone 2.0 software and I myself have had my share of problems. But, I think I have it all figured out, or I’ve figured out how to reduce issues.

I’ve had to restore my iPhone 3 times since I upgraded and every time I had issues with it right before hand I was either installing or uninstalling an app from the iPhone itself. I’ve found that if you don’t use the App Store on the phone and you don’t uninstall apps from the phone but instead add or remove apps through iTunes all of the problems practically disappear.

I’ve also seen a lot of problems with peoples apps crashing when you try to start them, I to have had this issue but since I started installing apps from iTunes on my computer I haven’t seen a single crash.

I’m not sure exactly what the problem is specifically but it seems to be an issue with the apps either installing or uninstalling from the phone. I’ve heard some rumors that firmware 2.1 is coming soon and surely that will fix many of the problems. It is quite a drag to not be able to add or remove applications from the iPhone itself but it’s a small price to pay for phone stability.

I hope many of you benefit from this, I know I have and if you have any more problems share it in the comments, maybe other readers or I will be able to come up with solutions. And if you have a problem and have found a solution to it share it in the comments as well.

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