Psystar’s Headquarters Up For Sale

As many of you know (if not all) Apple has finally decided to sue Psystar. Now we find out that the building that Psystar has been using as their headquarters is up for sale.

The 47,000 square foot warehouse has been advertised as for sale on a few online commercial real estate sites and the owners are asking $4.6 million.

According to the ad the building is 100% occupied and is “priced for a quick sale.”

I’m not sure exactly what that means but it seems to me that Psystar doesn’t actually own the property but are instead renting it, and if that’s the case then it is possible that the owner of the building may just be trying to stay out of the whole mess.

Psystar began selling computers running Leopard a few months ago and Apple has finally decided to sue them and has also expressed that they would like Psystar to recall all computers that have been sold.


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