Moto Racer for the iPhone Review

Moto Racer for the iPhone is another game that has some pretty frustrating game play (like Super Monkey Ball and in my honest opinion, Cro-Mag Rally). The game is just a motorcycle game with checkpoints and a timer, when the timer runs down your motorcycle stops.

Moto Racer has 3 racers and 10 tracks all set in different places with great scenery, the sound effects are good but the music gets a little repetitive and sometimes annoying.

The major flaw with this game is that it is difficult to steer, because of the fact that when you tilt the iPhone it is less like turning a steering wheel and more like actually tilting the bike it is tough to get used to (and I’m still not used to it and it was purchased on Friday last week). Luckily the game allows you to select a difficulty level which really only adds more time at the beginning of the race, but sure does help out when you have a hard time steering.

Between each race there is a still frame from a scene which makes me think that the game might of (at one time or another) had an actual story line but there are no words on the screen to let you know what is happening and their is no voice over explaining it either (which makes me seriously wonder why they are even there).

The second flaw with the game is the missing multiplayer. When you boil the game down it really is just you racing against the clock on 10 different tracks, there is no story and after you beat the 10 tracks there is nothing to do. If multiplayer existed you could get many more hours of playability out of it but since it is missing those hours don’t exist.

The only other suggestion I would give to the developers of this game is to add actual races, not against the clock but against AI racers. There are other racers in the game which you can punch while driving beside them but they don’t seem to serve any real purpose since the clock is the only thing that matters.

The problems I have with the game could easily be fixed by the developer updating the application and truly it is a pretty fun game. I’ve spent many hours with it and even though it can be frustrating at times I still come back to it to attempt a race that I haven’t beaten yet.

Moto Racer – $9.99

Gameplay video and screenshots after the jump

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