App Store and Applications First Impressions

So as you know, if you read my post earlier, the iPhone firmware 2.0 was made available and the App Store is now open for business. I spent $14 in the App Store today and got 6 apps.

Mobile Flickr – $2.99
Pretty simple application, allows you to upload photos to Flickr from your iPhone and browse photos from Flickr. I’m probably going to be using this fairly often. the fact that I can upload photos from my iPhone is quite nice and I won’t have to upload them later after syncing back to iPhoto.

People – Free
Search for phone numbers by address or by name. You can also search for information including address and name based on a phone number. Super handy if you get calls from numbers you don’t recognize fairly frequently. (More images after the jump below)

ShoppingList – $0.99
Build shopping lists on your iPhone and easily create new ones from recent and most often listed items. Haven’t spent a lot of time with it yet but I’m going to be grocery shopping in the next few days so this will be used extensively then. (More images below)

Pandora Radio – Free
Just what you think it is, listen to music from Pandora from your iPhone. I’ve listened on EDGE and over Wifi, both sound pretty good and suprisingly EDGE doesn’t seem to have much trouble keeping up with the audio.

Remote – Free
Control iTunes over Wifi, not just the play/pause, next/previous, and volume controls but you also get the ability to view your iTunes library very similarly to how you would if you were playing it locally on the iPhone. I don’t know if I am going to get much use out of it but if I’m using Airfoil to listen to music in the kitchen this Remote app would be nice and easy to control what I’m listening to. (More images below)

Twitterrific – Free
Not too fond of the way this one works, I don’t like that you have to hit a button on the bottom of the screen while highlighing a tweet above to reply or see more info on it. I wish these buttons were along the right side of the screen next to each tweet with more general buttons on the bottom. Even if you had to have a tweet highlighted to see the buttons it would look much cleaner and be a little bit more intuative.

WeatherBug – Free
Great weather app, much better then the weather widget that comes with the iPhone allows you to choose which weather location you want, in my area I have about 6 (suprised me) the closest one is about 1.6 miles away which hopefully will give me much more accurate information compared to the weather widget.

Super Monkey Ball – $9.99
Shown off at WWDC Super Monkey ball is a simple game where you collect bananas and try to get to the goal without falling off of the platform. I’m finding it a little difficult to get used to the accelerometer controls but I think playing it for a little bit longer will let me get used to it. When you get a text message while playing the game it automatically pauses so that you can see the notification (nice) but you can’t play the game while you’re on a call (not nice). I haven’t been able to figure out how to pause the game yet, maybe I have to tap the correct spot on the screen but for now the only way to leave the game is by hitting the home screen. (More images below)




Super Monkey Ball:

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