Rogers Offering Limited Time $30 6GB Data Plans to iPhone 3G Customers

Rogers today announced that they are going to have a promotion for would be iPhone 3G owners. If you purchase an iPhone 3G before the end of August you will be able to sign up for a $30 data plan that offers 6GB of data per month.

Rogers claims that this data plan would allow users to watch up to 105 hours of YouTube videos per month over the cellular connection.

Rogers also said that they would be selling iPhone 3Gs online. This makes me wonder why it won’t be available in the US online, I would love to get an iPhone 3G (although I’m not sure if $299 is really worth it to me), but the 15 minutes in store and means that it really isn’t worth it to me. Having to bring all that information with me to the store is too much to ask since I’ve already had the luxury of being able to walk in, hand them my money, and leave with no questions asked.


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