iTunes 7.7 Pre-Release Screenshots and iPhone 2.0 Video

The folks over at Gizmodo have spent some time with iPhone software version 2.0 and the pre-release version of iTunes 7.7 and post a video along with a small gallery of screenshots.

They say that both iTunes 7.7 and firmware 2.0 are rock solid so you shouldn’t worry about instability issues when it is finally released. The App Store is not up yet so the video doesn’t show any of that, the new push data feature is there along with parental controls, the BCC field in Mail, etc.

iTunes doesn’t have very many new features except for the “Look for iPhone & iPod touch Remotes” option, age gaming restrictions, and “Automatically Check for Available Downloads.”

So we are just a short (or long) 8 days (assuming it will come on the 11th) away from finally being able to get our hands on all of these new features. I’m really excited and since I just purchased an iTunes gift card I’ll be ready to start downloading apps as soon as the App Store hits.

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