iPhone Software 2.0 Going Gold Friday

According to Gizmodo’s “sources inside of Cupertino,” the iPhone software update that was originally supposed to be released in late June and then later was set to release in early July may be going gold on Friday.

Gizmodo says “keep in mind that this date is tentative,” which basically means that if it doesn’t happen Gizmodo can still say that things may have changed since they got this information (it’s something predictors do to keep themselves from looking like fools when it turns out to be wrong, I’m not saying this is what they’re doing but it does seem like that).

Even if it goes gold on Friday I don’t expect to see it released to the masses until early next month, notnecessarily July 11 but in July for sure.

Remember now, that back on June 11, the Apple Australia website said that the App Store was going to launch on June 27 (this Friday), just something to keep in mind when you read Gizmodo’s post.


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