Netflix Removing Secondary Queues From Accounts

Netflix is eliminating Profiles. That means if you have multiple queues on one account you should probably think about moving the DVDs from your secondary queues to your main one.

The reason for doing this?

“By discontinuing the feature, we will be able to put more focus and resources site and service improvements that benefit everyone, consistent to how we have grown the service over the years.” -Steve Swasey

Are you kidding with me? How is removing one of the best features of the site going to improve the service in any way? It seems a little ridiculous to me, I don’t use Netflix Profiles but I know plenty of people that do, I talked to one of them and they said this:

“I’m not going to be leaving Netflix because they are removing profiles but it seems a little stupid to me, I don’t understand why they can’t keep the profiles going and still improve the service.” -friend of the blog

The real problem is that the only actual competition to Netflix is Blockbuster, and let’s face it, they’re kind of a joke.

Well, the profiles will be removed on September 1, 2008 and if you want to keep the DVDs in those queues you’re going to have to (what seems to be) manually add each one to your main queue (it’d be nice if they made a simple tool that would help you do that).

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