WWDC ’08 Keynote In 5 Hours

The Steve Jobs keynote at WWDC is today and will start in about 5 hours. In the meantime though you can look through my Rumor Roundup post, you can install the ReloadEvery extension for Firefox to automate the reloading of live blogs in your browser, you can follow MacRumors or Me on Twitter for live updates (I might be doing live updates, it depends on the stability of Twitter and the boom! worthyness of the announcements), check out Twistori’s WWDC page, or you can load up your browser with one of the following pages for live updates:

And of course I’ll be blogging about the interesting announcments at some time today or tomorrow here on this blog (just like my Twitter account it depends on the boom! worthyness of the announcement).

Right now I’m predicting a 3G iPhone with a better battery and a subsidy for new subscribers, available on June 29th. I’m also predicting some mention of OS X 10.6. I also think that we will see more information about the App Store, which won’t be available until the 29th alongside the 3G iPhone.

(If you want to know how I’m going to be getting updates it will be a combination of MacRumor’s Twitter messages, iPhone Alley’s live audio stream, and Engadgets live blog).

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