2nd Generation iPhone Wishlist

Since everyone basically assumes that we will be seeing a new iPhone tomorrow I figured I would let Apple know what I want (and if they don’t read my blog, they should start).

3G – Although I don’t have 3G in my area and would see no personal benefit from it, I would hate to see Apple miss this tomorrow, the outcry from all of the 3G lovin’ people would be too loud to deal with. (It’s practically a given, so I don’t have to worry about it)

Subsidized – Not only would it mean that I could possibly pick up a brand new iPhone for less than the relatively expensive $399 full priced iPhone but it would also help Apple reach that 10 million unit mark.

Better Battery – I think the iPhone’s battery is really good compared to some other smart phones and I have no problem getting my iPhone through the day without running out, but with the games and the applications made available with the SDK a better battery would be incredibly beneficial.

GPS – I am a big fan of geotagging and if I could get that combined with turn by turn directions with my iPhone you can practically throw your Dash Express out the window.

Non-recessed Headphone Jack – I have no use for new headphones with my iPhone, I am very happy with the ones that came with it but I would really like to be able to use the cassette adapter for my car without having to take a knife to the end of the cord.

Better Camera – If the iPhone had something like a 5MP camera instead of the 2MP one that it has now it would be one step closer to being the only device that you need to carry around with you.

Video Recording – Along with that better camera I would love to have video recording support, I don’t need a front facing camera for video chat (because I don’t need to look at the people I’m talking to on the phone while I’m on the go).

MMS – I get messages all the time from my friends telling me to go to viewmymessage.com to check for a message, unfortunately viewmymessage.com is one of the least reliable websites I’ve ever used (worse than Twitter!).

Notes Syncing – I practically live in text files, I create them on my iPhone and I create them on my computer. I really wish there was some way of moving those text files between the two devices without doing any sort of hacks.

Wifi Syncing – It’s odd that in this day and age you still have to tether your device to your computer to sync it. The Zune does Wifi syncing so why can’t the iPhone?

Accelerometer On/Off – I will often wake up in the morning, grab my iPhone and while laying in bed, check Google Reader, Twitter, and email on my phone but it seems like if I move the iPhone the just a little bit the wrong way the accelerometer makes the web page flip. I wish there was some way of temporarily disabling the feature just while in certain applications.

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