Asus All-In-One Eee Monitor Debuts

Asus has finally unveiled their all-in-one addition to the Eee lineup. The new computer is named the Eee Monitor (terrible name by the way) it should come in sizes from 19 to 21 inches, have a built in TV tuner, and be priced around $500.

The PC should be shipping in September alongside Asus’s 42″ Eee TV.

I think that Asus may be going a little too far with that Eee TV, but I do think the Eee Monitor is a great idea. At $500 who wouldn’t get this all-in-one, the only problem I think the majority of the market would be frustrated by is the fact that it runs Linux (the vast majority of the public just isn’t ready for it yet), but of course, this is just me assuming that it won’t run Windows as well.

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